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November 7, 2014

sporteducate clubs visit Deutsche Bank to conclude table tennis tournament

The first 'away' leg of the sporteducate tournament took place on Friday, July 25, at Crown and Manor Club, Hoxton. The tournament, an end of year celebration event for the clubs, saw 60 young people aged 11-14 from 10 of the 33 sporteducate clubs brought together for a competitive table tennis and football tournament. Each club was matched with two Deutsche Bank employee volunteers to help support the teams through the tournament.
On Tuesday, October 28, the ‘home’ leg was held at the Bank’s London headquarters. Young people from four of the sporteducate clubs gave up a day of their school holidays to participate in a table tennis masterclass with Team GB star Darius Knight and a team building workshop with Deutsche Bank volunteers. Both Deutsche Bank employees and the young people got the chance to play against Darius and each other and hear Darius’ inspiring story of his success.
“What a great opportunity for Southside Young Leaders Academy to meet so many of the other sporteducate clubs. Our young people couldn’t wait to play table tennis with Darius and they loved learning new techniques. The session held at the Bank provided them with a chance to see what a big City company looks like and the confidence and people skills they learnt during the team building workshop were invaluable to the participants.” said Joshua Imuere, Chief Executive, Southside Young Leaders Academy.


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