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Supporting equal opportunities

A life on the streets is a life often exposed to violence, crime, sexual abuse, exploitation, torture, lack of education and healthcare. No life for a child and a vicious circle difficult to escape.

Street Child World Cup (SCWC) is a global movement that uses football to inspire and change the lives of the millions of street children living and working on the streets around the world. It campaigns for greater awareness of their rights, better protection and opportunities that all children are entitled to. In March 2014, the second Street Child World Cup will take place in Brazil, uniting street children from across five continents in a tournament ahead of the official FIFA World Cup in June. Together with StreetSmart, we will sponsor Team England.

How it works

Around 80,000 young people across the UK are in contact with homeless organisations each year, the average age of these young people is 14. Often invisible to society they are unable to break the cycle to secure a positive future for themselves. Young people in care are less likely to achieve at school which can have devastating effects on their future prospects for employment and social mobility. By addressing this issue, we can influence the wider social and economic impacts.

Fewer girls live on the streets than boys, with gender often the reason for their vulnerability. Girls often lack visible role models, sport can provide these.

Team England is a squad of nine young girls, aged 14-17 years from London who have all experienced homelessness or having to leave their family home as children.

Deutsche Bank volunteers will support the team on the Road to Rio, during the tournament and most importantly, by providing mentoring, employment training and work experience when they return home, to ensure a legacy of positive impact that will transform the experience in to a truly life changing event.


What they learn

  • Confidence
  • Teamwork
  • Raised aspirations
  • Personal commitment
  • Culutural awareness
Future growth

An increase of only 1% in girls secondary education attendance, adds 0.3% to a country's GDP.

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As part of the Born to Be youth engagement programme, Deutsche Bank and long-term partner StreetSmart, has announced that it will sponsor a team of nine girls to compete for Team England at the Street Child World Cup (SCWC) in Rio de Janeiro 2014. Read more

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