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Environmental Sustainability in the UK

Our sense of responsibility toward all stakeholders shapes both our thoughts and our actions. It is firmly anchored in our value chain, in each and every sector of business, and across all levels of the Bank. Through monitoring and certification, we create trust in the reliability, transparency, and self-controlling capabilities of our company – all of which are essential for sustaining success.



Environmental Commitment

Deutsche Bank has a commitment to long-term environmental sustainability. This includes reducing the Bank’s own impact (for example, reducing waste and working towards becoming more carbon neutral) and supporting innovative new technology.

Deutsche Bank has extended its sourcing program for renewable energies. Since 2008 all electricity needs in the UK were met with renewable energies.

Social Commitment

Attending to social needs is an integral part of Deutsche Bank’s business philosophy – as a corporate citizen as well as in our day-to-day business activities.  

Deutsche Bank now employs over 100,000 staff from 135 nations in 73 countries and we value the differences that generate value for all our stakeholders. Our Human Resources programs focus on such aspects as equal opportunity, work–life balance, employability of our global workforce and answers to the challenges of demographic change. We recognize the impact of cultural diversity on international success and encourage individuality among our staff.

Governance Principles

Large organizations need well-defined procedures to support the bank’s overall objective – to be competitive and profitable, and to grow. Protecting our reputation and preserving our integrity are of vital importance. To ensure that sustainability-related principles are incorporated into our day-to-day business without neglecting our business strategy, Deutsche Bank has set high standards, exceeding what others expect from us.

In 2007 our UK operations were explicitly integrated into Deutsche Bank’s sustainability management system in line with the international reputable standard ISO 14001. 

For more information on responsible business please visit our global CR-portal.



3D Newsletter,
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Key Facts
  • 85% of Deutsche Bank staff are now part of the Bin the Bin recycling initiative
  • Unrecyclable waste has reduced by 72% in two years
  • Deutsche Bank is the main partner of ‘Solar Impulse’
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Last Update: November 4, 2016
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