By adopting more sustainable practices and positioning itself as a leader in the movement to utilize adaptation and mitigation as responses to climate change, Deutsche Bank reduces its own impact on the environment while calling attention to the urgency and importance of this issue.

Using a wide range of efficiency measures to reduce annual energy consumption, as well as increasing reliance on renewable resources, Deutsche Bank has pledged a global commitment to be carbon neutral by 2012. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recognized these achievements by naming Deutsche Bank a “Green Power Partner of the Year” at its 2009 Green Power Leadership Awards.

Carbon Counter
In June 2009, DB Climate Change Advisors launched a major new initiative when they unveiled the world’s first scientifically valid, real-time carbon counter, a nearly 70-foot-tall digital billboard displaying the running total of long-lived greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. The counter is posted in the heart of New York City at 33rd Street and 7th Avenue, outside Madison Square Garden and Penn Station. The Carbon Counter and “Know the Number” campaign are part of a groundbreaking climate change awareness and education initiative sponsored by DB Climate Change Advisors group (DBCCA).

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Solar New Jersey

Innovative new technologies are being increasingly utilized at Deutsche Bank facilities in the Americas. In December 2009, the Bank announced the completion of a 250-kilowatt solar photovoltaic (PV) system at the Piscataway, NJ office. The roof-mounted array will offset a portion of the facility’s electricity consumption, reduce its annual carbon emissions and is capable of providing nearly 100% of the facility’s demand for power during peak daylight hours.

Solar Impulse

Deutsche Bank is also proud to be a sponsor of Solar Impulse, the first round-the-world flight in a solar-powered plane, scheduled to take place in 2012. This exciting endeavor will call global attention to the power of renewable resources and raise awareness of this new technology’s potential.

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Deutsche Bank Towers

As part of its commitment to sustainability, Deutsche Bank has made an active contribution to climate protection by renovating its head office in Frankfurt, Germany, to become one of the most environmentally friendly skyscrapers in the world. These 500-foot tall twin towers, also known as "Greentowers," have reduced energy usage in half, water consumption by over 70 percent and CO2 emissions by almost 90 percent, as well as creating a high-quality working environment for Deutsche Bank employees and increasing the value of the surrounding urban neighborhood. Utilizing a variety of innovative technologies, including hot water heating through solar energy, efficient use of daylight for workplace lighting, and the use of rainwater and on-site water treatment, the Deutsche Bank Towers have been awarded with the highest possible certifications of LEED Platinum and DGNB Gold for their resource and energy efficiency.

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For more information on Deutsche Bank’s global sustainability practices, visit Banking on Green

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Carbon Counter - FAQs

Carbon Counter - FAQs
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