Deutsche Bank was the first global bank in the world to create a microfinance fund more than a decade ago. During this decade, we have been an important innovator in the microfinance sector, lending our voice and using the Deutsche Bank platform to further the microfinance industry.

In the last twelve years, Deutsche Bank has strengthened its leadership role by pioneering the first microfinance investment fund for institutional investors, structuring the industry’s first global subordinated debt fund, and playing a critical role as an industry thought leader to convene key players on topics like client protection and industry transparency. Deutsche Bank sees microfinance neither as exclusively social or commercial, but as a hybrid model where both the social and financial aspects are integral to its success. Like a DNA strand, they are intertwined. Deutsche Bank’s microfinance strategy is to use our financial know-how to further social goals. Our vision is to embrace social investing as a specialized investment banking business with the dual objective of social return and profitability. Our mission is to be a catalytic leader by providing socially responsible lending, investing, and philanthropic resources of development and growth in distressed communities globally. We use our social financing expertise, investment banking skills, structuring capabilities, business resources, and worldwide relationships to create financial instruments that benefit social enterprises.

The Deutsche Bank Start-Up Fund

The Deutsche Bank Start-Up Fund provides early-stage, commercially focused microfinance institutions (MFIs) with loan capital to expand lending activities. This fund is capitalized through grants and soft funding. more

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The DB Microcredit Development Fund

The Deutsche Bank Microcredit Development Fund (DB MDF) provides catalytic financing to MFIs to attract resources on a leveraged basis from local commercial banks. This fund is capitalized through grants and soft funding. more

The Global Commercial Microfinance Consortium I & II

The Global Commercial Microfinance Consortium provided long-term, local currency funding at commercial rates to established MFIs. This fund was capitalized mainly through investments from institutional investors. more

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VG Microfinance-Invest Nr. 1

VG Microfinance-Invest Nr. 1 provides the first microfinance investment fund for German investors. This fund is capitalized through investments from high net worth clients, pension funds and foundations, KFW and Deutsche Bank. more

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FINCA Microfinance Fund

FINCA Microfinance Fund B.V. is a $21.2 million fund that has raised subordinated debt for seven affiliates of FINCA International, a leading international microfinance network with operations in more than 20 countries globally. more

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