Volunteers brave the sun to cool the city

July 12, 2011 │ Brooklyn

Deutsche Bank employees from all three New York metropolitan area offices volunteered with NYC CoolRoofs to coat the tops of three buildings in Brooklyn.

NYC CoolRoofs, an initiative of NYC Service and the Department of Buildings, is a citywide effort to engage volunteers in the City’s sustainability efforts. Volunteers coat building rooftops with a white substance that is highly reflective and releases heat quickly. These coated roofs can reduce cooling costs and energy usage by lowering the inside temperature of buildings (by up to 30%). With each 1,000 square feet coated, the City’s carbon footprint decreases by 1 ton of carbon dioxide. Deutsche Bank’s 28 volunteers coated 18,170 square feet, the equivalent of more than 18 tons of carbon dioxide.

To lend further value to the project, the bank worked with its nonprofit community partners to identify buildings appropriate for the group coating. The volunteers coated three buildings owned by Pratt Area Community Council (PACC), a long-time Americas Foundation partner. Since 2006, grants and loans from Deutsche Bank have enabled PACC to develop or rehabilitate 230 affordable housing units for both families and formerly homeless individuals in the Bedford-Stuyvesant, Clinton Hill, and Prospect Heights neighborhoods of Brooklyn. PACC is a leader in incorporating green design elements into its affordable housing developments. While Deutsche Bank has already committed financial resources to supporting PACC’s important work, the CoolRoofs event offered employees the opportunity to donate time, energy and sweat equity to these efforts as well.

This was Deutsche Bank’s first volunteer event with NYC CoolRoofs. Employees rose to the challenge of this new task, working efficiently throughout the day to coat the three rooftops. The volunteers could immediately feel the difference by placing one hand on the hot, dark asphalt and the other on the cool, coated surface. Gary Beyer, Head of Americas Relationship Management who hosted the project on behalf of the Americas Foundation, noted in his thank you to volunteers, “I hope everyone has the same sense of satisfaction that I do after having worked on such a ‘cool’ project.”

To learn about NYC CoolRoofs, visit their website: http://www.nyc.gov/coolroofs

Gary Beyer and volunteers coat the roof of 210 Kosciusko Street enlarge

Gary Beyer and volunteers coat the roof of 210 Kosciusko Street

Gary Beyer and volunteers coat the roof of 210 Kosciusko Street

Photo: Claudio Papapietro

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