October 6, 2011

Corporate Community Partnership establishes three new volunteer projects in Latin America

As a part of Deutsche Bank’s global commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR), the Corporate Community Partnership (CCP) was established to offer employees the opportunity to take paid leave as they volunteer on CSR assignments in developing countries. 

The CCP program's objective is the deliverance of professional pro-bono consulting services to external partners. While on leave, volunteers provide state-of-the-art assistance to distinguished social entrepreneurs or financial institutions in developing and emerging market countries through targeted and results-driven missions focusing on issues of public concern.

The volunteers' assistance enables financial institutions and social entrepreneurs to carry out projects that they could otherwise not carry due to a lack of skilled staff and/or resources. Furthermore, the involvement of international corporations like Deutsche Bank helps bring community needs into focus by attracting public attention.

Previous projects completed were stationed in India, Uganda and Sri Lanka, among others. Sharat Chandran, who volunteered in India with CCP in 2008 remarked, “Participating in the CCP has been one of the highlights of my professional career. I left DB a few months after I returned from CCP to pursue a graduate degree and upon graduation, I was lucky enough to have a choice between a few of the bulge bracket firms for full time employment offers. The fact that Deutsche Bank is extremely creative about how it utilizes its employee's talents in a manner that benefits the community and themselves was a huge factor in my deciding to return to Deutsche Bank.“

This year, CCP projects have expanded into Latin America with the newest additions being in Mexico, Paraguay and Costa Rica. Volunteers participating in the Mexico project will assist the countries’ first socially responsible investment fund; an asset management based project in Costa Rica will help establish guidelines and best practices for a non-profit’s portfolio management unit; and participants in Paraguay will help build financial and production planning models for a non-profit that offers ophthalmology assistance.

To learn more about the CCP program, eligibility and application process, please click here.


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