Strive For College hosts first national conference

August 2011 │ San Jose, California

Strive for College is a nonprofit organization utilizing a new approach to correcting the inequalities of college access.

By pairing undergraduate mentors with high school students, Strive provides them with the support and motivation to find and apply to their best-fit college - the one that promises them the highest likelihood of graduating. Strive harnesses the enthusiasm and energy of undergraduate mentors, providing students with a highly personalized program, with near-peer mentors as role models. College students become the equivalent of an affluent student’s private counselor, guiding their mentee through every step of the application process.

Strive is a national organization with chapters across the country, serving about 200 high school juniors and seniors this semester with an expectation to double that by the end of the current school year. This August, Deutsche Bank supported the first annual Strive For College national conference, held at San Jose State University. Forty undergraduate Strive leaders from 13 universities across the country spent three days together, sharing best practices, ideas and stories. With funding from Deutsche Bank, Strive will open a Regional New York Cluster,  with an office that allows Strive to place full-time staff in New York to develop and oversee numerous Chapters.

For more information, visit Strive’s website:


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