March 3, 2012

Microfinance Group publishes Road Map to address Industry Challenges

The Microfinance CEO Working Group publishes a report to ensure client protection and vendor responsibility.

With its rapid expansion in recent years, the microfinance field is facing increased scrutiny due to reports of client overindebtedness and questions as to whether organizations are fulfilling their social missions.  In 2011, Asad Mahmood, Managing Director of Deutsche Bank’s Global Social Investment Funds, convened eight microfinance CEOs in order to facilitate discussion over the challenges facing the industry. The unprecedented meeting resulted in the formation of the Microfinance CEO Working Group, a collaborative group that includes international industry leaders from ACCION, FINCA, and Pro Mujer. 

To read the full article and for the complete report, "Road Map for the Microfinance Industry: Focusing on Responsible and Client-Centered Microfinance," please visit Social Investments 


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