CFY's digital platform deepens home-school learning

February 2012 │ New York

CFY helps students in low-income communities, together with their teachers and families, harness the power of digital learning to improve educational outcomes. Digital learning holds great potential for improving both teaching and scholarship, and has proven to extend learning time beyond the school day, increase student engagement in school and encourage self-directed learning, while allowing teachers to individualize studies and enabling parents to more effectively support their children at home.

CFY’s Digital Learning Program has worked with over 50,000 students, along with their parents and teachers, in more than 100 schools across the country. The nonprofit delivers innovative family workshops and provides participants with a home learning center (a refurbished home computer loaded with educational software), and supports school leaders and teachers to drive new instructional approaches and deepen home-school connections.

CFY also hosts, a platform for students, teachers and parents that makes available high-quality digital learning activities that meet the full range of K-12 learning needs. CFY currently has branch offices in five major cities, and an affiliate network that includes 30 member organizations in 50 states.

Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation currently supports CFY to expand the scope of to include activities for English Language learners and their families, and is part of DBAF's commitment to expanding experiences in the sciences, technology, engineering and math to under-resourced students and families. So far in 2012, 26 Deutschbankers have volunteered with CFY in delivering family workshops and technical support.

To learn more about CFY, please click here. To read a New York Times story about CFY, please click here.

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