Collectively advocating for a better NYC school system

April 2013 │ New York

DEC and A+ NYC employ collaborative efforts to open up dialogue about education issues and to institute change.

The Donors’ Education Collaborative (DEC) is a joint philanthropic fund that addresses issues in New York City public education.

Founded in the mid-1990s, DEC has provided over $14 million to projects seeking systemic educational reform, including constituency building, policy research and development, advocacy, media campaigns, negotiation and organizing to achieve reform.

As a member of the DEC, Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation pools its resources and influence with other foundation members to achieve maximal impact on shared goals in the education field. Addressing challenges such as equity and quality of education, DEC leverages the collective knowledge and philanthropic funds of its members to frame and tackle the unique challenges of the New York City public school system.

The educational advocacy organization A+ NYC is a current DEC grantee. The organization is a NYC-based coalition of 45 community, parent, practitioner and youth groups that advocate for shared education policy priorities. A+ NYC seeks to promote evidence-backed reforms to improve public education and ensure that students graduate prepared for college and work.

A+ NYC’s recent initiatives include a policy hub that seeks to contribute to the public debate about education issues surrounding the 2013 New York City mayoral election. They hope to inform the candidates, media and public by providing accessible information and research concerning the NYC public school system. A+ NYC also led a recent bus tour across the City to help community members make their voices heard in the education debate. The group put together a visual exhibit for a "new direction" for NYC public schools showcasing the classes, programs and policies that build successful public schools.

Click here to read a Stanford Social Innovation Review article about donor collaborative funds, including DEC. For more information about DEC, please click here. To learn more about A+ NYC, please click here.

A+ NYC sought to empower community members during their bus tour enlarge

A+ NYC sought to empower community members during their bus tour

A+ NYC sought to empower community members during their bus tour

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