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In November 2011, the New York Times published an article that called attention to the high dropout rates among Mexican and Mexican-American youth in New York City. Deutsche Bank was struck by the educational disconnection noted, particularly in contrast to high labor market participation rates. Resonating with the firm’s business and philanthropic interests in Latin America and commitment to immigrant communities in New York City, Deutsche Bank was prompted to better understand the issue and opportunities for intervention.
In August 2012, DBAF engaged Community Service Society of New York (CSS) to conduct additional research on the education, employment and income trends for children and youth of Mexican origin in New York City, and their families. CSS’s work articulated the unique educational needs of the Mexican community, and the context in which these needs are currently being addressed or unmet. CSS’s research and analysis provided real-time data that has informed the design of this initiative.
Compelled to respond to these challenges, Deutsche Bank also convened and consulted with over 50 nonprofit, private and public sector leaders.

Policy brief: "Young Mexican-Americans in New York City: Working More, Learning and Earning Less"

Summary: The report examines trends among young New Yorkers of Mexican origin. Mexicans are one of the fastest growing groups in New York City, having increased nearly five times in number in the past 20 years. This study, supported by the Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation, examines the challenges facing young Mexican immigrants and children born here to Mexican parents. We find that immigrants work at high rates at the lowest paying jobs; as a result, when they start families here, their children grow up in poverty. Nearly half of Mexican American children born in the city are under the poverty line and eight in ten live in households that are low income. Consequently, Mexican American children born in New York City fare very poorly in school and face bleak prospects. The study calls for support to Mexican workers and families to overcome the challenges of poverty.

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