Launching careers

As labor market requirements increase, the transition from school to work is becoming less secure.

In Buenos Aires, nearly one in five 18-to-24-year-olds are not in employment, education or training. Sociologists and the press have a term for this cohort: they are the “jóvenes ni-ni.”

The crisis of youth unemployment is complex but inadequate training in school plays a large role. In Argentina 30% of 18-to-24-year-olds lack the appropriate education or specialization for competitive employment, leaving them to jump from job to job in the informal labor market.

With these concerns in mind, the employees of Deutsche Bank Argentina chose Fondation Forge as a corporate volunteering partner. Forge provides vocational training for disadvantaged youth throughout Latin America to facilitate their professional success.

Deutsche Bank Argentina employees volunteer with Forge students for a full year and provide a range of mentoring experiences to help the students gain confidence in their job search and overcome their fears of the corporate world. Employees conduct mock job interviews with the students, share insights from their careers in panel discussions and lead tours of the Deutsche Bank offices.

A 'win-win'

This summer, a graduate of Forge’s program in Administration, Carolina Jara, was invited to complete an internship with Deutsche Bank’s Global Business Services (GBS) Trade Finance group. She is currently in the entry program of the University of Buenos Aires.

Bibiana Ogasawara from GBS explains, “I volunteered with Forge students in 2013 and found it very gratifying. For these students, working in a global corporation like Deutsche Bank can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience and can change their whole mindset and world because of all the things they learn and the connections they make. That is why this year we decided to hire Carolina, a candidate from Forge, for an internship in GBS. I think it has been a ‘win-win.’ Carolina is really helpful and a fast learner and Deutsche Bank benefits from the diversity of experience that she brings.”

Carolina’s training in Fondation Forge has provided her with administrative skills as well as job interviewing skills and practice. Reflecting on her internship at Deutsche Bank, she says, “I am learning something new every day, including essential team-building and communication skills that I know will serve me well for my entire career.”

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What people are saying

“The students’ questions were so intelligent and challenging and we were all so engaged that we ended up talking for several hours.”

Mariano Neumann, employee volunteer

“I was so impressed by how the employees connected with us, their willingness to share personal stories and the enthusiasm they showed for their work.”


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Last Update: December 12, 2014
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