Restoring a park in Santiago de Chile

December 11, 2014 │ Santiago de Chile

In November, a group of 29 Deutsche Bank Chile volunteers teamed up with the nonprofit organization Fundación Mi Parque to restore a park in a low-income neighborhood in Santiago de Chile.

The volunteers planted trees and other plants, seeded the lawn, painted walls and landscaped the area around the middle playing field. It was an enthusiastic team effort with local residents and Mi Parque staff. The park, Plaza El Alarife in San Bernardo, will benefit around 900 local community members.

Reflecting on the experience, Maria Quintavalle, who works in Global Transaction Banking, said the activity provided “a window to a reality that is not part of our day-to-day and is important to keep in mind: Many people, even in our own city, are not ‘lucky enough’ to have a pleasant environment in which to live.” She added, “It was a privilege to be able to join my colleagues in contributing to the creation of this green space, and to see the local children and their families enjoying the new landscape.”

Green spaces are associated with a wide range of positive outcomes, including decreased crime, increased property values and increased pride and sense of belonging for local residents. Parks are also important for public health, which is why the World Health Organization recommends nine square meters of green space per inhabitant, double what the average Chilean currently enjoys. In 2010, the Chilean Ministry of Housing and Urbanism determined that the lack of green areas was one of the major threats to quality of life.

Mi Parque works to create community through the participatory renewal of green spaces in low-income neighborhoods. The group involves community members in every step of each project, including the initial planning phase. To date, Mi Parque has completed 185 landscaping projects, benefiting over 310,000 citizens.

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