Seven on Seven

May 2, 2015 │ New York

Rhizome’s Seven on Seven conference at New York City’s New Museum offers a unique platform for creative exploration between the worlds of art and technology.

Seven on Seven pairs seven leading contemporary artists with seven luminary technologists, and challenges them to make something new together over the course of a single day. The pairs then present their work to the public and discuss their process. Past collaborations have yielded provocative projects, including the application of a Bitcoin-like cryptocurrency to create “digital deeds” for digital artworks, and a tool for blending multiple video sources together in fluid compositions.

This year will be the seventh edition of the conference, produced by the nonprofit organization Rhizome, whose programs draw attention to artists’ work and perspectives, as well as the complex interrelationships between technology, art and culture. For the first time this year, Rhizome has chosen a theme to guide the collaborations: “Empathy & Disgust,” a response to technology’s growing involvement in human emotions and relationships.

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