Challenge winners to enhance learning in rural Peru

June 12, 2015 │ Lima

The University of Engineering and Technology (UTEC) and Harvard University announced the winners of the Deutsche Bank Challenge. The winning team received a $20,000 award to realize its proposal.

The Deutsche Bank Challenge invited students from the University of Engineering and Technology (UTEC) in Lima and Harvard University to collaboratively find solutions to challenges facing marginalized communities in Peru. The initiative aims to produce tangible economic and social benefits, and showcase and promote the power of higher education.

Project Klay, developed by UTEC and Harvard students, seeks to enhance learning in science and technology through the development of low-cost educational materials. The toolkits and relevant instruction are then provided to students in the rural areas of Peru. In addition to deepening their understanding and applying various scientific and technological principles, the objective of the project is also to spark interest in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields.

“We congratulate the winning Deutsche Bank Challenge team,” said Eduardo Sánchez-Carrión, Chief Country Officer, Peru, Deutsche Bank. “These young entrepreneurs, through their innovative skills, will contribute immensely to communities that face educational obstacles. The Deutsche Bank Challenge aims to leverage technology to create positive change and we have great hope that it will do so.”

“The biggest obstacle facing education in rural areas of Peru is the distance between homes and schools. With our proposal, we aim to newly define education in these areas, where the results are not focused on attendance. Our goal is to develop creativity, critical thinking and enthusiasm for science, by providing self-taught materials with new technology to students, transferring learning from schools to communities and homes,” said Oscar Pacheco, a UTEC student.

The Harvard students will arrive in Peru this month to work collaboratively with the UTEC members to develop their project through fieldwork. The entire team will then travel to Harvard to finalize the models which will be evaluated in various schools throughout Peru.

UTEC and Harvard students display a sample toolkit. enlarge

UTEC and Harvard students display a sample toolkit.

UTEC and Harvard students display a sample toolkit.

Photo: Courtesy of UTEC

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