Accomplishments at a glance

  • 21,121 individuals served over four years
  • 100% of youth in job training programs earned vocational credentials or HS equivalency credential, formerly known as the GED (Brooklyn)
  • Increase in two reading levels over 12 weeks and improved standardized test scores for elementary school children (Staten Island)
  • Positive impacts on early math literacy (Bronx)
  • Rates of college acceptance and financial aid secured are higher than peers in high schools served (Queens)
  • Persuasive evidence of parent adoption of learning strategies at home for their children and also for themselves as adult learners (Manhattan)
Excerpts from the impact report

“The networks as a whole demonstrate a large level of success in meeting the AAMC initiative’s goals. The design and implementation of the neighborhood networks contributed to increased availability and access to high-quality education programs and services. As a result, networks increased student and parent engagement in school- and community-based learning activities, first through the added availability of resources, and then concerted recruitment efforts of the networks’ staffs. This continued engagement in combination with the quality programming fostered improvements in academic and employment opportunities within each network.”

“…these programs have the power to produce a benefit to communities greater than target programs for either youth or adults…In the [East Harlem, Mott Haven and Port Richmond networks], there was significant evidence that parents not only learned new literacy and parenting practices, but also implemented these practices at home. This suggests a potential long-term positive impact on these families and the community as a whole.”

Nonprofit leaders reflect on Anchoring Achievement

"We are proud to partner with Deutsche Bank on the Youth Development Network and the Hispanic Federation's LEAD Coalition. These initiatives are vitally important in ensuring that the Latino youth in East Harlem served by LSA, and young people all across the City, have every opportunity possible to reach their full potential and realize their dreams for the future.  It's partners like Deutsche Bank and the Hispanic Federation that help bring such opportunities to life." — Reada Edelstein, CEO, LSA Family Health Service Inc.

"After four and a half years of working with this community of families, our Port Richmond Neighborhood Partnership has seen remarkable growth in the academic lives of our students and the leadership growth of our parents. They have become outspoken advocates for their children and our children have flourished in their love of reading! Deutsche Bank has made this all possible and we are grateful!" — Reverend Terry Troia, Executive Director, Project Hospitality

Carrying the work forward with Hispanic Federation

Hispanic Federation will carry the work of Anchoring Achievement forward as part of its Latino Educational Advocacy Directors (LEAD) Coalition, which was established to improve the educational profile of Latino children and youth and the conditions they face in public education from pre-school through post-secondary levels. To learn more, click here.


January 2018 │ New York



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