Deutsche Bank supports nationwide virtual mock interview

March 2020 │ Multiple Locations

Employee engagement excels in virtual opportunity to help immigrant and refugee job seekers succeed in the American workforce.

Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation recently partnered with Upwardly Global (UpGlo) to offer a nation-wide virtual mock interview program. This skills-based volunteer opportunity worked to move the needle within the workforce system for skilled, work-authorized immigrant and refugee job seekers across the country.

Deutsche Bank employees exceeded engagement expectations, showing high levels and interest from multiple office locations—42 volunteers from 10 different cities participated.

Pairs were matched one-to-one based on similar industry when possible. Deutsche Bank volunteers received a short online training, interview guide and job seekers’ resume and desired job description in advance. Pairs completed the virtual mock interview, via choice of phone or video conference, within a two-week window. Volunteers also shared constructive feedback, career advice and strategies for job searching and networking.

Since 2014, the Foundation has connected employees from across the bank with UpGlo job seekers for meaningful, in-person mock interviews at the 60 Wall Street office. Today, deepening the impact of Foundation grant funds, more audiences are in reach: virtual opportunities help those facing barriers—whether financial, time constraints or family responsibilities—access channels otherwise inaccessible in-person. Participating job seekers further develop cross-communication skills, better understand US cultural norms associated with interviewing and increase confidence to their achieve professional goals.

Through customized training and mentoring, UpGlo works to assimilate skilled, work authorized immigrants and refugees into the fabric of the American workforce. Currently, two million immigrants and refugees live in the US with college degrees from their home country but are unemployed or working below their skill level.

For more information on UpGlo, please click here.

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Last Update: March 13, 2020
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