Creating access

Quality one-on-one guidance is putting the dream of college within reach for more students, transforming lives and communities.

Bottom Line works with low-income high school students who are in good academic standing and want to go to college. The organization’s program includes two main components: the College Access Program, which helps students navigate the complex college application process, and the College Success Program, which supports students in college all the way through their graduation.

Founded in 1997 to address the low college graduation rates of at-risk urban youth, Bottom Line has expanded from serving 25 high school seniors in Boston in its first year to now supporting over 5,000 students throughout the US. Their New York office will serve 2,100 students next year.

How it works

With Deutsche Bank’s support, Bottom Line is serving 353 of NYC’s low-income, first-generation-to-college high school seniors in the Access Program as they apply to college. During one-on-one meetings throughout the year, Bottom Line counselors work with students to help them navigate every step of the college application process, including college research and list-making; application support, such as help with essays and supplemental documents; and support applying for financial aid and Opportunity Programs.

By building a strong relationship with each student, counselors help students work through any obstacles they may face during the process and ultimately select a college that suits their personal, academic and financial needs.

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Start to finish

100% of Bottom Line NY students are accepted to college each year.

Over 80% of Bottom Line NY’s college students graduate in 6 years.

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