Deutsche Bank honored for LGBTQ advocacy

September 2016 │ New York

Deutsche Bank was honored at the 20th Annual Courage Awards for its partnership with New York City AVP in support of LGBTQ communities.

Beverly Tillery, Executive Director of NYC AVP, thanked Deutsche Bank for “raising the profile of often-ignored discrimination against LGBTQ communities.” “Deutsche Bank has made real change that is reverberating throughout New York City neighborhoods,” she said.

Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation has collaborated with AVP since 2014 on a campaign designed to help make the city a safer and more affirming place for LGBTQ youth of color. This campaign celebrates the courage of five extraordinary LGBTQ young people who volunteer with AVP, and brings their inspirational stories to mainstream attention. It has been viewed over 18 million times in the NYC neighborhoods with the highest rates of reported violence against LGBTQ youth of color. The project is part of Deutsche Bank’s education and youth engagement program, Born to Be, which is guided by the conviction that all young people should be able to develop their innate ambition and talent.

Deutsche Bank deepened its partnership with AVP last year in organizing the Transgender Economic Empowerment Forum. Held at Deutsche Bank’s Wall Street headquarters, the program helped financial services professionals understand the many gifts that transgender and gender non-conforming people bring to the workplace, as well as the specific hurdles that society puts in their path.

Alessandra DiGiusto, Head of Corporate Citizenship North America, said, “We look forward to continuing our partnership with AVP, leveraging our resources and raising our voice in support of equity and inclusion.”

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