Transforming a community center in São Paulo

Transforming a community center in São Paulo

September 2016 │ São Paulo

Over 120 employees and family members gathered to support the renovation of the Sinhazinha Meirelles Community Center.

The center provides assistance to approximately 500 children and teenagers in poverty-stricken neighborhoods in São Paulo. In addition to the volunteer overhaul, Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation supports the NGO´s project “Transformation – Expanding Horizons,” which establishes a new multipurpose room and provides equipment for the children.

Volunteers were highly engaged in painting the common areas, gardening, making crafts with the children and organizing the library.

Jorge Vacarini, Head of Global Technology and Chair of Brazil's CSR Committee noted that a record number of Deutsche Bank Brazil volunteers participated in the activity. He reflected on the nature of volunteering, saying, “once one starts helping others, one can never stop.”

“This initiative is a way to give back to society. The Bank’s service provides an example of how organizations can contribute and make a difference in the local community,” expressed Luiz Ribeiro, Head of Asset Management, Brazil.

Ana Julia Tavares, fundraising director for the NGO, expressed gratitude for the Bank´s support in restoring color to the center, which has served over 10,000 children since opening its doors in 1952.

“This initiative can only be positive. It takes us out of our routine and places us in a distinct environment where we can develop different capacities,” said Renato Grelle, CCO Brazil, “I understand everyone has their personal matters to attend to, but if you dedicate three to four hours to make a difference, it won´t be hard to find the time. We all need to experience the feeling of being able to help impact the lives and development of these children.”

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