Convening highlights equity and civic engagement

February 2017 │ New York

CSR Americas hosted a Thought Leaders Forum exploring racial and economic equity, a longstanding focus of the Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation’s work. The program concluded with a celebration of one of CSR Americas’ signature Born to Be youth education initiatives, Anchoring Achievement.

This was the third in a series of Thought Leaders Forums, which bring together employees and nonprofit partners to discuss key challenges shaping society. Acclaimed journalist and NPR host Maria Hinojosa gave the keynote address, discussing the need for diverse voices in media as well as the important role of the public in this historical moment. 

In her talk, Hinojosa described her “outsider status,” as a Mexican-born woman in American journalism, as an asset: a unique perspective that allows her to tell the stories of communities and issues that are often ignored. She discussed her work as a teacher and mentor to young journalists with immigrant backgrounds. Her mission, she said, is to help these young people embrace their own outsider status as a source of strength and opportunity.

Hinojosa encouraged audience members to start seeing themselves as leaders if they have not already. “We all have to understand that we are leaders in this moment of history, and we have to take that leadership seriously.” She added that it is now especially important for people to engage with the media they consume, ask challenging questions and continually try to understand perspectives that differ from their own.

Next, Lazar Treschan of Community Service Society presented his research on school, work and income trends of Latino youth populations in New York City. Lastly, CSR Americas staff and nonprofit partners discussed the successes of the Anchoring Achievement initiative. A full impact report on the initiative is forthcoming.

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