dbPride Americas chair honored by Leslie-Lohman

September 2018 │ New York

Jon Tilli, dbPride Americas chair and CSR Leadership Incubator member, was recognized for his LGBTQ advocacy.

Jon serves as Chair of dbPride Americas and Co-chair of OPEN Finance. In this capacity, he has organized industry-leading programming for employees and the broader community, including the first-ever Transgender Economic Empowerment Forum and panel discussions regarding the LGBTQ veteran experience, the transgender military ban and issues facing LGBTQ people of color.

He is currently participating in Deutsche Bank's CSR Leadership Incubator, which prepares employees to give back to their communities through exceptional nonprofit board service.

Kathryn Burdett, Head of Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Americas, said innovation and engagement are hallmarks of Jon’s approach. “He collaborates with employees of all levels and backgrounds to realize ambitious, unique programs that speak to broad audiences.”

Jon has hosted fundraisers for many of New York’s leading LGBTQ nonprofit organizations: Athlete Ally; Immigration Equality; Hetrick-Martin Institute; Stonewall Community Foundation; the Anti Violence Project; and the Leslie-Lohman Museum, whose mission is to exhibit and preserve art that speaks directly to the many aspects of the LGBTQ experience, and to foster the artists who create it.

In his acceptance speech, Jon announced a new partnership between Leslie-Lohman and the Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation. “We are collaborating on a groundbreaking program called EMBRACE, where the Museum will serve as a resource and community hub for GSA [Gender and Sexuality Alliance] coordinators and students from public schools throughout the city. The program will help LGBTQ youth access art as a tool for exploring complex issues of identity—and as a source of inspiration and support.”

Jon Tilli (left) with Gonzalo Casals, Executive Director, Leslie-Lohman

Jon Tilli (left) with Gonzalo Casals, Executive Director, Leslie-Lohman

Jon Tilli (left) with Gonzalo Casals, Executive Director, Leslie-Lohman

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