December 10, 2014

Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation announces new partnership with Strive for College

On December 10, Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation held its second Thought Leaders Forum from New York, with a webcast to colleagues across the U.S.

Jacques Brand, CEO of Deutsche Bank North America and Chairman of the Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation, gave opening remarks. “Today we will talk about ensuring that young people have access to education so they are prepared to compete in a global marketplace,” said Brand. “Today is also an opportunity to kick-off Born to Be in the region, which frames our overall commitment to helping young people realize their full potential.”

The forum was hosted by Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation board members Roelfien Kuijpers and Erich Mauff, who announced the Bank’s 2015 partnership with Strive for College (Strive), a non-profit that pairs high school students with mentors. Through Strive, the Bank will help qualified, low-income high school students across the US apply to, enter and afford their best-fit college.

Mauff announced that, “we want to send 1,000 students to college through fundraising and mentoring.” To help reach this goal, Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation will match employee donations 2-to-1 and will waive the USD 5,000 ceiling for the Banks Matching Gifts program. Mauff said other ways to get involved include creating a college team and joining the activation committee.

Kuijpers, who is committed to causes that provide equal opportunity to diverse populations, said, “Education is key – it makes women successful; it makes minorities successful; it makes everyone successful.”

Guest speaker Dr. Manuel Pastor, Professor of Sociology and American Studies & Ethnicity at the University of Southern California, presented “Changing Demography, Shifting Economy and New Roles for Civic Leadership,” linking data to education gaps in the US.

Mauff led a panel discussion with Michael Carter, Founder and CEO of Strive, Nicole Leach of the Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation and Pastor. Conversation centered on providing everyone an opportunity to lift themselves up, as well as Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation’s role in education. “The Foundation has long-supported work around the most pressing education issues. With Born to Be we are supporting students in developing the skills networks, drive and vision that many of us have relied on. For us, Strive for College is a stand-out partner,” said Leach.

Carter talked about how he started Strive after realizing the disparities in educational opportunities. “When I got to college, I thought who better to help students get into college than those who just applied successfully,” he said. Carter added that the first school Strive mentored resulted in 24 out of 27 students going to college. “Today we’re all over the country.” Carter also shared the role of technology in Strive. “We created a virtual mentoring platform called UStrive, which also matches high school students to schools where they are most likely to succeed.”

In closing, Mauff acknowledged the students from Banana Kelly High School in the Bronx who attended the Forum and are currently in the Strive program working with mentors from Deutsche Bank.

In addition to fundraising employees were also encouraged to participate by creating Strive platforms at their Alma Maters and engaging in activities that help get other colleagues involved.

More information about Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation and Born to Be, can be found here.


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