Enabling Enterprise

Deutsche Bank’s Made for Good program supports innovative models, approaches and ideas that address societal challenges and create pathways to economic security.

With a legacy of leadership in the fields of microfinance and social enterprise, Deutsche Bank has long demonstrated that market forces can be harnessed to meet the needs of people and places outside the economic mainstream.

There is a growing awareness that low-income and mission-driven enterprises benefit society in so many ways, not least of which by creating jobs. Yet they face innumerable obstacles.

Through Made for Good, the bank enables social enterprises to access the comprehensive resources they need to start-up, scale and achieve success. We also target leadership development as one of the most effective tools for strengthening organizations' capacity and sustainability.

Learn about the specialized support we provide through our place-based Creative Enterprise grant program, launched in 2002.

Microfinance: A legacy of leadership

Deutsche Bank has been a pioneer in the microfinance sector since 1997. more

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