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Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation was a founding funder of NEW INC, the first museum-led incubator focused on supporting transformative approaches and technologies.

Emerging professionals working at the intersection of high technology, art and design are typically overlooked by conventional business incubators, but they can contribute significantly to economic development and societal progress.

To assist these promising innovators as they explore groundbreaking ideas, NEW INC provides intensive entrepreneurial support and professional development as well as a shared workspace for a cohort of 100 members each year. The program actively fosters a collaborative, cross-disciplinary community in which members can develop new ideas and relationships.

Many NEW INC members are working on projects that address pressing social issues, including income inequality, privacy, diversity, the refugee crisis, climate change, disability and others. Several ventures take the form of non-profits or public benefit corporations, and seek to empower communities through education.

Made for Good is supporting NEW INC in its efforts to bring transformative enterprises to life and enhance New York City’s status as a global home for creative technology talent.

5 Years of Impact (2015–2019)


Jobs Created




People of Color 


Businesses Created or Retained in NYC



$17 Million

Raised in Investment Capital
Source: New Inc Five Year Report, 2019

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