Opening windows of opportunity

Building rich environments that foster literacy at home and at school has been shown to deliver substantial benefits.

In such environments, children are better equipped to learn and apply new skills, teachers are better able to deliver quality instruction and parents are better prepared to take an active role in their children’s education.

Reaping those benefits in Mexico’s marginalized communities, however, is especially challenging. That’s why Deutsche Bank is partnering with Proeducación (Proed), a not-for-profit organization that aims to build capacity in Mexico’s primary public schools. By integrating elementary school libraries into the entire learning process, Proed’s Me Gusta Leer (I Like to Read) program brings communities together to promote the joy of reading and learning among elementary school children.

How it works

With Deutsche Bank’s support, Proed will be able to expand its I Like to Read program beyond the 30 schools currently served. The organization does more than install libraries as standard features in elementary schools. Using books already provided by the Ministry of Education, and expanding book collections with donations, Proed trains teachers, children and parents how to use the library as a central element in the learning process.

To help ensure lasting impact, Proed encourages the formation of Reading Committees. Composed of teachers, parents and children, the committees maintain the library space, promote reading activities and monitor results.

The benefits of the I Like to Read program extend beyond the physical space itself:
— Children develop greater proficiency in reading and writing, which opens windows of opportunity, access to a world of learning in life beyond school;
— Teachers acquire strategies to leverage libraries as tools to promote childhood literacy;
— Parents help build and maintain libraries as a core component of community life, and acquire—for themselves and their children—a lifelong love of reading and learning.



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A critical need

More than 8.5 million elementary school children in Mexico – 58% – score below average on literacy tests, creating major barriers to educational achievement and acquiring life skills

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