The Deutsche Bank Sports Scholarship creates room for development

Deutsche Bank has been supporting Deutsche Sporthilfe (German Sports Aid Foundation) for over four decades. The bank has been a partner of the Stiftung Deutsche Sporthilfe since 2001 and one of the five national sponsors since 2008.

A cornerstone of the partnership is the Deutsche Bank Sports Scholarship introduced in 2012. Through the scholarship, which provides essential financial aid for academic studies, the bank helps talented athletes pursue a second profession after their sports career. Among the student athletes are numerous Olympic medal holders and world and European champions.

The bank exclusively sponsors up to 300 student Deutsche Sporthilfe athletes from around 30 sports and all regions of Germany, providing them each with 300 euros a month. After all, sporting success is not only a question of talent, but also of hard work: training, competitions, education, and studies must be combined in the best possible way.

Christian Sewing, Chairman of the Management Board of Deutsche Bank


“Young talents who demonstrate outstanding sporting achievements and at the same time think about their professional future deserve to be supported,” said Christian Sewing, Chairman of the Management Board of Deutsche Bank, at the Sports Scholar of the Year awards ceremony, which Deutsche Bank organizes every year together with the Stiftung Deutsche Sporthilfe.

Sports Scholarship Holder of the Year

Each year Deutsche Bank and Deutsche Sporthilfe award the "Sports Scholarship Holder of the Year." The prize is given for outstanding achievements in sports and studies.

Deutsche Bank and CHIO Aachen

Since 1955, as a partner of CHIO Aachen, Deutsche Bank has awarded the world-renowned Deutsche Bank Prize.

Deutsche Bank Equestrian Sport Academy Deutsche Bank Equestrian Sport Academy

The initiative promotes young exceptional dressage talents with targeted training measures. Participants have access to selected international tournaments and receive individual coaching.

Deutsche Bank Park

Since July 2020, the area around the Eintracht Frankfurt stadium has been called Deutsche Bank Park. With this exclusive engagement, we are building a bridge between competitive and mass sports.

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