• Facts and figures - what is our 2020 track record on developing skills

2020 was an exceptional year given the challenges presented by COVID-19 and the ongoing Bank-wide transformation.

Training attendance shows that despite challenges Non-Regulatory related training were 53.4% higher than in 2019. This was achieved by a full reprioritization review of our training Book of Work and shift to virtual delivery, where possible. Classroom training were either postponed or cancelled but the opportunity to move to a virtual format enabled the delivery of a high volume of training.

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37.3 M € training investment for 2020.

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30.0 M € cost save for the bank. Indirect cost saves were also realized such as reduced Travel & Accommodation costs.

Training expenses

Bar chart with traning expenses

Training attendance

participants in thousands 202020192018
Governance, Risk Management & Compliance 1,059 1,093 1,097
Non Regulatory Related Training1 453 295 405
Total 1,512 1,389 1,502

1 includes Leadership & Management, Personal Development, Product Training, Talent Acceleration and Technical Training

In 2020, 89.6% of employees have completed training on compliance and ethics.

There has been a significant focus on improving governance and cost control in 2020. This level of control will continue in 2021 as we focus on essential development initiatives (i.e. specifically relevant to meet business needs and aligned to strategy) as well as Regulatory and Compliance training. Our overall focus will continue to be on more digital delivery in line with the Future of work strategy.