• Enriching our workforce

Being an employer of choice for diverse talent is key for the success of Deutsche Bank. Explore here how we delivered the end-to-end hiring process from sourcing, recruiting, onboarding and welcoming talents virtually in 2021. You can also learn how our internal mobility processes enable employees, as well as leaders, to learn and develop skills but also gain a broader understanding of the bank’s operations. 

2021 was clearly challenging for those who were starting their careers. You can find out more about our global graduate program and how we are investing into our apprenticeships and dual student programs in Germany.

Global Onboarding Experiences

More Talent Sourcing supports the bank’s gender diversity goals ‘35by25’

As part of its ESG strategy, the bank renewed its ‘35 by 25’ gender diversity goals, released at the Sustainability Deep Dive in May 2021. The supporting program sponsored and supported by the Management Board and Group Management Committee includes five key initiatives, including talent attraction, hiring and promotion. To support the achievement of these goals, the Talent Sourcing function has determined a series of sustainable actions, both short and long term, to enable the recruitment and career development of women globally.

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