• Internal Mobility


Internal Mobility has been a multi-year focus for the Bank. We remain committed to supporting staff in building their careers within the organization and have embedded our internal mobility processes into our professional recruitment practices. We continue to run a robust redeployment process and ensure employees take on new roles where possible.

Filling 343 positions (2019: 685) internally through proactive redeployment efforts resulted in savings of €24.5 million in 2020 (2019: €31.9 million). Redeployment numbers vary from year to year, and while we redeployed fewer employees in 2020, we actually redeployed more senior employees than in 2019.

We enable our employees to change roles both within and across divisions. Cross-divisional mobility continues to be important as it allows employees and leaders to learn and develop skills and gain a broader understanding of the Bank’s operations. In 2020, there were 1,400 cross-divisional moves in the Bank (2019: 2,100). Overall, 7% of our workforce changed jobs within the organization throughout 2020 (2019: 9%). In 2020, 35.9% of open positions were filled with internal candidates, excluding Postbank (2019: 37.6%).

Internal mobility by major job categories

in k headcount 202020192018
Total Moves 5.9 7.9 8.0
- Officer 3.5 5.0 5.0
- Non Officer 2.4 2.9 3.0
Cross - divisional 1.4 2.1 2.1
- Officer 0.9 1.4 1.4
- Non Officer 0.5 0.7 0.7
Intra - divisional 4.5 5.8 5.9
- Officer 2.6 3.6 3.6
- Non Officer 1.9 2.2 2.3

Excluding former Postbank and legal entities outside of Deutsche Bank's corporate title system.
Officers comprise all employees with corporate titles, including: Managing Directors, Directors, Vice Presidents, Assistant Vice Presidents and Associates.

Katharina-Paust-Bokrezion“Three things interest me: an exciting task I can relate to, a supportive and enabling manager and a great team spirit. For me, it is important to change perspectives and environments once in a while – that is my way of growing my profile for future opportunities.

It’s like a mosaic which is completed piece by piece – each of them having a purpose. Changing a role is not always about climbing the ladder but also an opportunity to broaden your profile and skills. I like the recruiting approach: ‘hire for attitude, train for skills’ – a wonderful idea as you can’t teach passion for a job!

While it requires an open mindset and courage on the part of the candidate and hiring manager, it is worth pursuing to build a sustainable career and team spirit.”

Katharina Paust-Bokrezion, Government & Regulatory Affairs, Germany

Particularly at the Managing Director and Director levels, the internal fill rate was above average at 52.7% (2019: 40.2%). This was also true at the experienced Vice President (VP) level with 52% of vacancies filled internally (2019: 47.5%). In Germany, the internal fill rate was 79.5% (2019: 67.7%). Among other things, this can be attributed to the successful efforts to internally place employees affected by the transformation and restructuring. Overall, 96.4% of business critical positions were filled internally (2019: 76.9%).

Internal fill rate

headcount in %

Internal job vacancy fill rate1 35.9 37.6 37.2
thereof Managing Directors and Directors 52.7 40.2 40.5
thereof Vice Presidents 52.0 47.5 47.8
Critical business positions 96.4 76.9 61.5

1 Excluding Postbank

As in prior years, our focus is on ensuring our employees are aware of the career opportunities available to them within the Bank. One approach that has proven effective over time is to publish stories of employees who have moved internally.

In addition, employees are able to access information on internal mobility processes, upcoming events and training, open positions and links to helpful resources.

The recruitment teams continued to use Connect2Job, the Bank’s portal for internal vacancies, to proactively source internal candidates for roles. Connect2Job also allows employees interested in taking on a new role to upload their CV to review a personalized list of open positions for which they can apply.