Support knowledge and control over finances, protection against the unexpected and building savings

Alongside competitive compensation, we offer pension plans in most locations worldwide. Complementing social security and private savings, these pension plans are usually employer-financed, offer matching contributions or provide the option to convert parts of compensation into pension contributions.

With a 98% funding ratio as of December 31, 2020, Deutsche Bank continues to achieve its annual target of funding 90-100% of its pension obligations and to rank highest among DAX30 companies. As an example, the investments of our main pension plan in Germany have been reviewed to adequately reflect the intent and purpose of the Policy.

In many locations, Deutsche Bank also offers a variety of life, disability and medical insurance programs in order to protect our employees and their families. We constantly review our offering to ensure it meets the needs of our employees. In Japan, we extended our long term disability policy to cover employees up to 65 years (previously 60 years). Further, we introduced a Critical Illness Policy in Japan and also in Indonesia, enhanced cover for inpatient and outpatient plans in Hong Kong and Sri Lanka and provided new top up options for our employees in China.

In the US, we hosted a series of financial wellbeing webinars in partnership with our retirement plan vendor and continue to offer employees access to college coaching and student loan refinancing programs. In the UK, we teamed up with the advice partner of our pension provider to deliver a series of Financial Wellbeing webinars. The sessions aim to demystify some of our everyday financial worries helping us to take better control of our finances, to protect against the unexpected and plan for the future.

In 2020, 11,045 employees from 18 countries across the Bank participated in the Global Share Purchase Plan (GSPP), with employees purchasing Deutsche Bank shares in monthly installments and participating in the Bank’s long-term performance. At the end of the annual purchase cycle, the acquired shares are matched up to a maximum of ten free shares. In the UK, 4,841 employees currently participate in the Employee Share Ownership Plan (ESOP) or the Share Incentive Plan (SIP).