• Ensuring our employees’ wellbeing

A healthy, engaged and well-supported workforce is better equipped to do their best work and, more importantly, enjoy their lives inside and outside the workplace. That is why we are committed to providing an environment where our people’s development and wellbeing is at its center.

Across the globe, we offer around 900 wellbeing programs and corporate benefits to lend individual support to our people and their families, enabling them to take control of their 1) Physical, 2) Mental, 3) Social and 4) Financial Wellbeing.

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We recognize our employees’ physical and mental health and wellbeing as highly important, deserving both protection and promotion. While also emphasizing individual responsibility in terms of personal health, Deutsche Bank considers health management to be an integral part of our leadership and good governance. Employees benefit from health care as an essential element in building and sustaining a fulfilled, successful and rewarding work life, while the bank benefits by attracting talent, retaining qualified staff and securing prosperity and sustainable success.

We are therefore committed to taking every reasonable measure to provide a safe and healthy working environment in accordance with legal requirements alongside additional programs and measures to promote our people’s health and wellbeing in the workplace.

Our comprehensive Global Wellbeing Framework is the foundation of our wellbeing strategy and activities. It focuses on four key dimensions of employee wellbeing.

Wellbeing in the pandemic

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As the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, we placed increased focus on the wellbeing of our employees during these particularly challenging times

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Company bike scheme in Germany


Since its start in August 2020, over 1,000 bikes were leased, making a positive contribution towards protecting our environment and encouraging our employees to increase their physical and mental wellbeing.

Being a parent at Deutsche Bank

Work like Phil

Phil is using flexible work arrangements to live out his family dream.