Improve health and lifestyle behavior, take steps to prevent disease, manage existing conditions

We believe that we can make a positive contribution to the health of our people – both by preventative actions and offering medical coverage in time of need.

  • In the UK, we’ve partnered with our health and wellbeing providers to host a number of expert-led seminars on topics ranging from diet and nutrition to sleep and exercise.
  • Through our external partner in the US, live and interactive physical fitness classes were made available for both employees and their family members. Other personal development classes were offered on topics including diet, nutrition, and proper body mechanics.
  • In Germany, we offer a set of preventive health measures with the strong support of our health insurance fund (Betriebskrankenkasse Deutsche Bank).

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“The medical examination was tailored to my personal needs. I was able to implement the tips on nutrition and physical exercise sustainably in my everyday life. “
participating employee

Deutsche Bank’s core health offering further includes preventative medical examinations which cover areas such as ultrasound tests, mental health, fitness and nutrition. In Germany, the extensive medical check-up program is offered to staff of participating entities from age 40 and to executives. In 2020, around 43% of our eligible staff participated in such examinations, despite the pandemic situation. In our APAC region, we provided annual health checks to over 2,600 employees.

In the three major US offices, all employees have access to an onsite health center and company-funded free biometric screenings through the clinic. Long-term evaluations have shown that these programs contribute to improvements in participants’ fitness, blood pressure, nutrition habits and non-smoking, among other factors.

Health rate

in %

Health rate
92.7 92.2 92.3

Health rate: 100 – ((total sickness days x 100)/total regular working days); Germany

Note: International standards for ‘Human resource management’ (ISO 30414) recommend disclosing metrics reflecting lost time injuries, number of occupational accidents and number of people killed during work. These type of serious incidents rarely occur in our operating environment and are more relevant to the safety-related reporting of other industries.