Encourage healthy work-life balance by allowing flexible time management and valuing involvement with family, friends, co-workers and wider community/society

We provide a range of benefits to help our employees manage professional and personal commitments and achieve a sustainable work-life balance. In a number of locations, a family-friendly parental leave framework has been established according to regional market standards, following a gender-neutral approach.

A family-friendly company

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In Germany we have been re-certified in 2021 as a family-friendly company by the charitable Hertie Foundation.

The bank assists working parents, for instance in providing childcare near workplaces in our major global hubs and contributing to the cost of childcare. In the US, we continue to offer enhanced services through our back-up childcare vendor, allowing in home care for children and elders. Tutor services through our back-up childcare vendor were added and Employee Resource Groups continue to offer virtual social programs.

In Asia-Pacific, the EAP vendor launched additional resources like a Diversity & Inclusion Toolkit and LGBTQ Resources. dbMinds Singapore offered a host of resources such as training on applying empathy to support others at the workplace, trauma informed parenting seminar & panel discussion on wellbeing at the workplace. Employees in Hong Kong participated in the “Clock Your Happiness” mindfulness challenge. In India, we organized various sessions for the children of our employees.  

In Germany, working parents have access to free-of-charge advice and placement services (e.g. emergency care, au pairs, daycare, nannies, domestic aid) offered by a countrywide cooperation partner and available for every employee via the new digital My Family Service platform. In addition, HR provides workshops and advice for staff returning from parental leave in various locations.

The bank also offers flexibility in working arrangements, through working from home, flexible work hours, part-time and job-sharing opportunities, subject to specific role requirements and client needs. The bank introduced mobile working arrangements, ‘Future of Work’ models in various countries.

In addition, a variety of paid and unpaid leave is available to allow employees to manage unforeseen events, such as sickness of children or bereavement of close family members.

Employees in Germany can invest in individual flextime accounts through db zeitinvest, with the aim of taking a sabbatical of up to one year or reducing their working hours. More than 5,200 employees use this program.

Return to work after parental leave (Germany)

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Women 619 619 661
Men 469 477 605

An increasing number of our employees need to balance care for elderly family members with their job commitments. A service partner in Germany provides comprehensive advice and arranges for regular and emergency care. Employees wishing to care for their relatives themselves may reduce work hours or go on leave for up to two years, which is longer than stipulated by German law.

Part-time employment

in headcount

Part-time employees 12,418 13,138 12,768
in % of total staff 13.8% 14.3% 13.3%

Part-time employment by region

in headcount, 2021
Part-time employees





in % of total 0.3% 0.2% 6.8% 26.8% 3.8%
in headcount, 2020
Part-time employees





in % of total 0.2% 0.1% 7.2% 27.2% 3.7%
in headcount, 2019
Part-time employees





in % of total 0.3% 0.2% 7.5% 24.1% 4.3%

How we safeguarded our employees' wellbeing during challenging times Wellbeing in the pandemic

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As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to dominate the world, we placed increased focus on the physical wellbeing of our employees. We have launched a comprehensive COVID-19 vaccination and booster campaign for our employees in various regions, which have been and are still on offer throughout the pandemic.