• Embracing new end user technology

Embracing new end user technology

As a part of the Future of Work (FoW) program, a new end user technology strategy has been developed for employees to drive improved remote and in-person collaboration and productivity.  Our new hybrid working model creates the following collaboration scenarios:

  • Between home and office: Collaboration between employees working from home and from the office.
  • Within the office:  Flexible working from different locations within the office.
  • Between two offices: Collaboration between employees located in different office locations.

A number of steps have been taken to support effective remote working regardless of location. For example, lean laptops will be provided to all eligible employees to support the deployment of new ways of working. This offers the flexibility of working at home or in the office and increases mobility.

New collaboration platforms will be implemented to further support remote working. The bank has already begun rolling out next generation tools in partnership with a major technology player to increase collaboration and document sharing.