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Delivering on our Strategy – the role of HR

On July 7, 2019, Deutsche Bank announced its most fundamental transformation in decades and a significant restructuring of its businesses, with the aim of improving profitability, shareholder returns and driving long-term growth by creating a leaner, more innovative and more resilient Bank.

To execute this transformation, the Bank will exit businesses, reduce costs by overhauling processes and infrastructure, invest in technology, digitalisation and growth, and manage and free up capital.

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Such significant transformation has broad implications and challenges for Deutsche Bank’s people and workforce agenda. In achieving the organisation’s sustainable performance goals, HR expertise plays a crucial role.

HR continued to support the business in realising the required changes and promoting team stability by supporting managers to strengthen their focus on performance and development, with the overarching objective of placing the right people in the right roles at the right time. We advised managers on how to attract and retain talent in the current uncertain environment.

HR also continued to build on existing digitalisation strategy, designing intuitive processes geared towards adding value and improving the employee and manager experience.

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