• Trust in senior leadership

Continued advancement towards a sustainable performance culture

Successfully fostering a sustainable performance culture is closely linked to building trust in the organization. The level of trust depends on an employee’s experience of consistency (managing performance) and transparency (engagement).

Clarity, transparency, leading by example and involving people in the transformation all contribute to further fostering trust where open dialog is possible, good performance is recognized, poor performance is addressed and mistakes are accepted as long as we continually learn from them.

When people are able to connect the bank’s purpose to what they do and experience Deutsche Bank as a psychologically safe environment (trust), people can take accountability (i.e. know what is expected of them), collaborate towards a shared goal and execute by successfully translating their plans into action with positive results.


To further increase the transparency of how our people contribute to the goals of the bank and reinforce that their contribution really matters, we enable employees to link individual priorities and achievements to the strategic goals of the bank in the Total Performance system.

Strengthened trust in senior leadership

Trust in senior management is an important driver of our employees’ commitment and enablement. We have very much strengthened trust in leadership in the past year, through proactive and regular communication from the top of the organization and listening to what our employees
are telling us in regular people surveys.

The People Survey results 2021 show that trust in leadership remains stable with 73% favorable answers. Learn more about the leadership approach at Deutsche Bank

leadership trust

2020: 73%
2019: 59%
(People Survey 2021)