• The Bank´s response to COVID-19 has positively affected the overall employee experience

Managers played a key role in managing the crisis

88% felt supported by their managers during COVID-19

Spotlight People Survey 2020

In Deutsche Bank’s flagship Spotlight People Survey 2020, strengthened trust in leadership, increased perception of care and concern and qualitative data showed that the bank’s response to COVID-19 has positively impacted the overall employee experience. A major contributor was the bank’s wellbeing offering.

We are proud that 88% of our employees felt supported by their managers during COVID-19 as indicated by Spotlight People Survey 2020.

COVID-19 has presented a situation where managers were required to strengthen, or even adopt for the first time, behaviors that would help their teams adapt to the uncertain environment, such as increased and open conversations, showing care and concern and being flexible. This was increasingly important during a time where managers needed to be supportive and aware of employee mental health and wellbeing, and offer flexibility to those with elderly care / childcare responsibilities.

Speech bubble

“The leadership through the COVID-19 crisis has been excellent. Communicative, informative, inspiring and with much compassion for employees. This built a lot of trust and assurance that we were in good hands.”

Employee Comment, Spotlight People Survey 2020

79% Inspired and productive people (+7 percentage points YoY)

Spotlight People Survey 2020

Overall our employees increased their perception of being inspired and productive by 7% percentage points compared to previous years.

Going forward, continuing the people-centered approach with a focus on consistent Bank-wide messages and actions will be key to building on progress and stabilizing single-year improvements.