March 26, 2014

Deutsche Bank publishes Corporate Responsibility Report 2013

Deutsche Bank has published its new Corporate Responsibility Report, which highlights key achievements in implementing cultural change and outlines the manner in which social and environmental considerations influence business decisions.

The Bank’s approach to corporate responsibility, which is underpinned by the Values and Beliefs introduced in July 2013, is to create long-term value for all stakeholders, including shareholders, clients, employees, communities, and the environment. Conducting business responsibly thus means serving the interests and meeting the needs of all our stakeholders. To achieve this, the Bank’s products and services, which form the basis of all financial return, must address the global economic, social and environmental challenges that are shaping the 21st century.

Sustainability in our core business

The report focuses on how sustainability is being embedded in the core business. The Bank’s commitment to environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues is reflected in an enhanced process to assess the potential environmental and social risks arising from transactions and client relationships.

In its corporate banking business, Deutsche Bank fosters sustainability through measures such as providing financing and advisory services to support the growth of low-carbon businesses and sustainable energy projects. In 2013, the Bank supported renewable-energy projects with a total volume of more than USD 3.6bn and a generating capacity of more than 1,185 megawatts.

In retail banking, the introduction and implementation of the FairShare™ concept means that the Bank’s advisors are required to offer solutions that benefit clients and shareholders equally.

Meanwhile, interest in investment products that integrate ESG factors has continued to grow in 2013. In Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management, a newly formed ESG Head Office is not only responsible for the implementation of a new ESG investment strategy, but also for the coordination, development and strengthening of ESG investment capabilities.

The Corporate Responsibility Report 2013 also describes the implementation of additional internal controls and the development of an enhanced risk culture, the changes in performance management and compensation practices, and the Bank’s Diversity Strategy 2.0.

Last but not least, the report features the Bank’s approach to corporate citizenship. Around the world, Deutsche Bank supports projects that enable talent, drive social change and provide access to art and music. In 2013, the Bank and its foundations invested EUR 78.2m in social projects and therefore remained one of the world’s most active corporate citizens.

You can download the Corporate Responsibility Report 2013 here.

CR Report 2013

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