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Dear Deutsche Bank fans and followers,

The purpose of our social media channels is to foster dialogue and to provide information for anyone interested in Deutsche Bank. We have put together a few guidelines to ensure that this interaction is as enjoyable as possible for all.

Please bear in mind that there is no way to guarantee data security and privacy in a public network. So, for your own protection, please do not publish any private contact or account-related information, or other confidential information such as log-in data and passwords on our channels.

Deutsche Bank is not responsible for user-generated content or for direct/indirect links to other websites. The people who use social media are subject to underlying rights and responsibilities, for example for Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn or XING

To ensure a constructive and fair dialogue, we reserve the right to delete or report content that contains:

  • insults, verbal attacks or degrading statements;
  • incitement to break laws, e.g. content which encourages crime, is unsuitable for minors, or infringes personal rights, copyright laws or
  • the data privacy of third parties;
  • incitement to hatred, or racist, obscene, discriminatory or pornographic content;
  • incorrect, fraudulent, misleading or other dubious content which does not foster fair and open dialogue;
  • irrelevant comments, external links and spam;
  • commercial or private offers/advertisements for goods, websites and services;
  • names and contact details of our employees; private information such as bank account or contact information;
  • viruses, Trojan horses, links to external websites, or other content, which could potentially hamper the performance of our social media channels.

If you notice any content on Deutsche Bank channels that contravenes these rules, please contact us at social.media@db.com

Other legal information:

  • Content published in the name of individual Deutsche Bank employees does not necessarily represent Deutsche Bank’s official opinion.
  • Deutsche Bank’s content on social media does not represent business proposals, recommendations, placements or anything else pertaining to sales. Nor does it represent a sales offer, a transaction or assurances. It should not be used as suggestions upon which to base business strategies. It should not be seen as advice on investment options.
  • Assumptions, estimates and opinions contained in Deutsche Bank’s publications represent the viewpoint at the time of publication. They may change without notification.
  • Content published by Deutsche Bank is subject to all relevant legal constraints and disclaimers, and to any additional disclaimers contained in the publications themselves.
  • Find other rules and regulations in the legal resources section.