History of Deutsche Bank

History of the bank

Since its founding in 1870, Deutsche Bank has been shaped by international political and economic developments as well as the volatile history of Germany.

Rooted in Germany – global from the beginning
The Bank at a glance. This timeline provides a quick journey through 150 years of Deutsche Bank’s history.

Chronicle Deutsche Bank since 1870
The bank's history as a chronicle. Important events of each year from 1870 to 2010 are presented in a brief form. The text is accompanied by photos and documents.

Deutsche Bank. The Global Hausbank 1870-2020
On the occasion of 150 years of Deutsche Bank three prominent, independent economic historians have documented the bank's history. The profound publication describes the primary role of Deutsche Bank since its founding in 1870 – to support, develop and expand Germany's investment flows and trade relations with the rest of the world, even during periods of political and societal upheaval.