Mentoring programs – sharing experience

Better education and equality of opportunity are key factors for success in our knowledge society. That is why Deutsche Bank’s mentoring programs focus on sharing knowledge and experience.

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Big Brothers Big Sisters & National Scholarship: Mentoring initiatives by Deutsche Bank

Laugh, learn, live – Big Sisters, young talent

Since 1986, Deutsche Bank has supported numerous mentors – and educational programs such as the German National Scholarship and Big Brothers Big Sisters. The mentors provide support and foster confidence and can focus on the individual needs of children and young people.

Deutsche Bank Financial Literacy Initiative

Financial Literacy: (No) sealed book

Deutsche Bank employees teach young people how to deal with money responsibly. Felix Fischer and 1,240 other Deutsche Bank employees show how. As part of the Financial Literacy Initiative, they show how the large economy begins on a small scale – with each individual.

Deutsche Bank and Offenbach Mentoring Program

Offenbach Mentoring Program: Paving the way to education

The Offenbach Mentoring Program paves the way for effective placement of lower secondary school students. More than 115 employees have served as mentors since 2005. Deutschbanker Joris Hensen for example supported his mentee Dardan Bunjaki for two years.

Worldwide, more than 2,800 employees volunteered as mentors in 2015. Their outside views can help access existing systems and structures, open new perspectives and inspire new approaches – it is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Employees accompany their mentees for a minimum of one year – mostly longer – providing advice and assistance, helping with uncertainties or being a source of motivation. Their support can help young people in various life situations. For instance, Deutsche Bank employees help immigrants enter the German workforce, support young people with difficult career conditions find vocational training or a job and assist young students as a confidential counselor with their career orientation or help them prepare for college.

In particular, students and young people benefit from the engagement of Deutschbankers in numerous mentoring programs, often serving as role models or confidential counselors. Such support is especially important for youth and young adults in their orientation phase.

The guidance often results in long-standing relationships that are a win-win situation for both sides; employees gain valuable insights into worlds outside their professional lives to broaden their horizons.

Mentoring 2015 in numbers

Around 2,800 mentors

Around 27,300 hours

Source: Deutsche Bank, global survey on employee engagement 2015.

“You receive the confirmation directly and undisguised, as only children can do.”

Tom Lindemann Deutsche Bank Mentor for “Big Brothers Big Sisters” (now KinderHelden)

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