Pro-bono consulting

Our Management & Leadership programs focus on our senior managers’ knowledge and management skills. Our employees offer their expertise to social businesses, microfinance institutions or educational institutions – be it in Germany or abroad.

Empowerment through shared competencies

Nonprofit organizations seek support in many areas and benefit from expert knowledge. The approach of our programs is to provide advice at eye-level. In our volunteering initiatives, employees engage in an active dialogue, share their management knowledge and experience with school administrators, founders of social businesses or nonprofit organizations worldwide concerning financing, quality management, project coordination, human resource management, marketing and more. The advice of Deutsche Bank employees enhances capacities in the third sector and provides sustainable support for self-empowerment.

Advice at eye-level


employees passed on their professional skills to community partners in 2014.

Source: Deutsche Bank, global survey on employee engage­ment 2014.

Corporate Community Partnership Program

As part of its Corporate Community Partnership (CCP) program, Deutsche Bank delegates experts to nonprofit organizations in developing countries and emerging markets who help establish or strengthen social and economic structures.

Corporate Community Partnership program

As part of its Corporate Community Partnership (CCP) program, Deutsche Bank delegates experts to nonprofit organizations in developing countries and emerging markets who help establish or strengthen social and economic structures. In the course of a several-week stay, employees assist microfinance and social businesses or educational institutions and accompany specific projects on-site.

The bank also benefits from this transfer of knowledge: Deutsche Bank employees learn to appreciate different cultures and work styles and gain valuable perspectives that feed back into their daily work.

Since 2008, Deutsche Bank has assisted more than 40 projects in emerging markets by seconding more than 70 employees to dedicated non-for-profit initiatives in Africa, Latin America and Asia.


partnership with GIZ

In their joint partnerships, Deutsche Bank, the GIZ and development cooperation organizations pool their strengths to advance development and bring about sustainable improvements in living conditions.

How Deutsche Bank staff advise nonprofit organizations

For the majority of its CCP projects, Deutsche Bank partners with two globally operating organizations: Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) and Women’s World Banking (WWB). The focus of the jointly developed projects is capacity building for educational institutions and advising microfinance and banking institutions on specific challenges that help them establish more sustainable business models. The individual initiatives usually require several experts to consecutive projects. They build on each other and enable employees to contribute their professional skills most effectively. In addition employees offer financial support to empower microfinance institutions.

Everything is possible in Uganda

Everything is possible in Uganda

Deutschbanker Michael Wiemer brings together employees of local banks in Uganda and students from the country’s Mountains of the Moon University. Their mission: to develop the “Banking and Development Finance” curriculum, the only such program in Uganda focused on microfinance.

Strengthening schools

Schools today are undergoing significant change. In the future, they should be managed less by ministries and local education authorities and instead be given greater freedom to develop into small enterprises. But management skills are not part of the traditional training of school administrators. The Partners in Leadership initiative aims to help them master those skills.

Neue Impulse für die Mörikeschule in Backnang

Strengthening leadership, acting as partners –  Jens-Eike Decken, Brigitte Sorg and Klaus Lindner (from left to right)

“I would immediately say ‘yes’ again”

Jens-Eike Decken with Deutsche Bank in Stuttgart advises and accompanies school administrators at Mörike School in Backnang, near Stuttgart. Under the Partners in Leadership program, school administrators and managers tackle the various challenges confronting schools today, such as quality management, human resource planning, public relations and communication skills as well as team building, organizational development and the ability to convey the need for greater parental involvement. Mörike School hopes to become a comprehensive school, which many view as a model of the future. Jens-Eike Decken is making a contribution to the school’s efforts by strengthening its leadership in the long term.

“It’s a true partnership – and it works great.”

Jens-Eike Decken, Deutschen Bank Stuttgart
Partners in Leadership

Partners in Leadership at a glance

Since 1999, managers from more than 1,200 companies and over 5,000 school administrators in the UK have participated in the Partners in Leadership program. In Germany, Deutsche Bank has supported the program since 2006 in an effort to contribute to the development of education equality. In February 2011 Deutsche Bank, together with other companies, was honored for its engagement in schools with the Generali European Employee Volunteering Award in the category “innovation”.

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