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Pro-bono consulting

Our Management & Leadership programs focus on our senior managers’ knowledge and management skills. Our employees offer their expertise to educational institutions, social businesses and microfinance institutions, in long-term initiatives in Germany and in international projects. Through leadership coaching, employees gain new perspectives for themselves – and on their professional context.

See how Deutschbankers advise nonprofit organizations

“Partners in Leadership”: Mentoring initiative by Deutsche Bank

“Partners in Leadership”: Strengthening schools

Jens-Eike Decken with Deutsche Bank in Stuttgart consults and assists school administrators at Mörikeschule in Backnang. His conclusion: “I would immediately say ‘yes’ again!” Under the “Partners in Leadership” program, school administrators and senior managers tackle challenges schools are facing today, such as quality management, human resource planning, public relations and much more.

Michael Wiemer bringt in Uganda Nachwuchskräfte und Wirtschaft an einen Tisch.

Everything is possible in Uganda

Michael Wiemer brings together employees of local banks in Uganda and students from the country’s Mountains of the Moon University. Their mission: to develop the “Banking and Development Finance” curriculum, the only such program in Uganda focused exclusively on microfinance.

Be! Fund and Deutsche Bank: 100 Start-ups in India

100 Start-ups in India

Clearing plastic trash from the streets and creating jobs is one of the business ideas that would hardly happen without “Be! Fund”. Starting a social business in India is difficult due to the lack of capital.  Deutschbanker Joris Hensen helps nonprofit organizations launch – and convinces sponsors of their success.

Pro-bono consulting

In 2013, 698 employees volunteered as coaches and consultants, applying their core competencies to issues beyond the workplace

Nonprofit organizations seek support in many areas and benefit from expert knowledge. Our employees inspire through and with their skills: advancing projects with their expert knowledge, contributing new ideas and know-how to nonprofit groups and coaching leaders of social initiatives.

The approach of our programs is to provide advice at eye-level. In our volunteering initiatives, employees engage in an active dialog and share their management knowledge and experience with school administrators, founders of social businesses or nonprofit organizations worldwide concerning financing, quality management, project coordination, human resource management, marketing and more. The advice of Deutschbankers enhances capacities in the third sector and provides sustainable support for self-empowerment.

Corporate Community Partnership Program:
supporting nonprofit organizations

As part of its Corporate Community Partnership (CCP) program, Deutsche Bank dispatches experts to nonprofit organizations in developing countries and emerging markets to help establish social and economic structures. In the course of a several-week stay, Deutschbankers assist educational institutions, microfinance banks and social businesses in concrete projects.

Since 2008, Deutsche Bank has assisted 36 projects in emerging markets. In 68 cases, we sent employees on paid leave for several weeks to areas such as Africa and India where they accompanied projects locally.

And the bank benefits from a transfer of knowledge, too: Our employees learn to appreciate different life and work styles as well as mentalities and cultures, and gain valuable perspectives that feed back into their daily work.

“What I like about this project is that we as Deutsche Bank are able to contribute our banking skills. The project is being developed jointly with the university – without any pressure from a third-party. I think this offers the opportunity for a long-term approach.”

Michael Wiemer, referring to his involvement with Mountains of the Moon University in Uganda

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