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The Deutsche Bank Sports Scholarship creates room for development

Deutsche Bank is committed to Germany’s top athletes. With the Deutsche Bank Sports Scholarship, the bank exclusively supports 300 collegiate athletes with 300 euros a month in financial aid, which serves as an important basis for their academic studies and career opportunities.

German athletes inspire the world with their athletic achievements – at the Olympic Games, the Paralympics and world and European championship events. Athletic success is a question not only of talent but also of hard work: Training sessions and competitions need to be balanced with vocational or academic studies.

Through the Deutsche Bank Sports Scholarship in cooperation with Stiftung Deutsche Sporthilfe, athletes receive essential financial aid for their academic studies. In this way, Deutsche supports aspiring and top collegiate athletes, including numerous Olympic medal holders and world and European champions.

Learn more about our talented athletes and 30 of our 300 Deutsche Bank Sports Scholarship holders.

Medal count

1,566 medals

were won by our scholarship recipients - 38 percent of them gold.

Deutsche Bank Sports Scholarship recipients

Verena Schott, swimming

Verena Schott, swimming, 24 years old, Berlin

“The Deutsche Bank Sports Scholarship” offers me the support I need. For me, it’s not only about combining sports with my family but also with my biology studies.”


Jan-Philip Glania, swimming

Jan-Philip Glania, swimming, 25 years old, Petersberg

“After London, I continued my dentistry studies in Frankfurt. That’s my other focus alongside swimming. I’m trying to balance both and still be a top performer. My goal is to compete in the next Olympic Games in Rio.”


Martin Häner, field hockey

Martin Häner, field hockey, 26 years old, Berlin

“My successful achievements – the Olympic victory in 2012 and the preliminary medical examination in 2013 – show me that despite extreme pressure, nothing is impossible and even the most difficult tasks can be mastered. But for me, all of this is only possible because of the people always there to provide advice and assistance.”

Victoria von Eynatten, track and field

Victoria von Eynatten, track and field, 21 years old, Leinfelden-Echterdingen

“I love my athletic discipline. As long I’m able to combine sports with my studies, I’ll continue to dream of participating in the 2016 Olympic Games.”

Julian von Schleinitz, sledding

Julian von Schleinitz, sledding, 22 years old, Bischofswiesen

“I’m very thankful for the Deutsche Bank Sports Scholarship as it allows me to combine sports with my engineering studies. Without the support of Deutsche Bank and Stiftung Deutsche Sporthilfe, I would never be able to compete at this level.”


Linda Stahl, track and field

Linda Stahl, track and field, 28 years old, Leverkusen

“I’m still dreaming of more medals but my studies are currently the top priority. I definitely aim to complete my medical studies by 2014 and become a doctor.”


Kyra Felßner, sychronous swimming

Kyra Felßner, sychronous swimming, 20 years old, Bochum

“I hope to have some security in the future and be able to pursue my dream profession. That’s why I’m studying to become a midwife. I work in a clinic parallel to my athletic training and every day during the holiday breaks."

Andreas Kuffner, rowing

Andreas Kuffner, rowing, 27 years old, Berlin

“For me, it was difficult to balance studies and athletics because I spent hardly any time on campus. The “Germany Eight” rowing boat is in Dortmund and I study in Berlin. I spent nearly the entire period from October up to the Games in Dortmund or in training camps. At the rowing main base, I slept in a double room in a bunk bed, living in a confined space with few possibilities to retreat. But in the end, with help from German Sports Aid, my partner and family, both my athletic and academic output was perfect.”


Christophe Lambert, judo

Christophe Lambert, judo, 28 years old, Holle

“I don’t need to beat around the bush: Without this support, I wouldn’t be able to participate in competitive sports.”
Moritz Oeler, water polo

Moritz Oeler, water polo, 28 years old, Berlin

“It’s very strenuous to write exams and still maintain my weekly training schedule. But I’ll never be able to make a living from water polo later so I take my academic studies very seriously in addition to sports.”

Lars Flüggen, beach volleyball

Lars Flüggen, beach volleyball, 23 years old, Berlin

“You always miss some exams at the university because of the international championship competitions. There’s a lot of pressure and you’re thankful for any support.”


Carina Bär, rowing

Carina Bär, rowing, 23 years old, Dortmund

“Successfully completing a degree while being a professional athlete requires a lot of passion, discipline and a high amount of rational and organisational coordination. Luckily, Deutsche Bank is helping us out with the Deutsche Bank sports scholarship.”

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Mareike Adermann, wheelchair basketball

Mareike Adermann, wheelchair basketball, 24 years old, Whiteater, Wisconsin

“Athletics have given me the opportunity to complete my entire studies in the United States. The close link between athletics and learning on the same campus allows me to improve my athletic performance and, at the same time, complete my foreign language studies within the minimum study period.”

Thomas Plößel, sailing

Thomas Plößel, sailing, 25 years old, Kiel

“The Deutsche Bank Sports Scholarship allows me to combine competitive sports with successful studies.”

Georg Fleischhauer, field and track

Georg Fleischhauer, field and track, 25 years old, Dresden

“The Deutsche Bank Sports Scholarship is great. My training and masters program allow no time for a part-time job. The monthly financial aid really helps.”


Corinna Scholz, curling, 25 years old, Bernbeuren

Corinna Scholz, curling, 25 years old, Bernbeuren

“It’s really important to receive support from all sides to be able to combine sports and studies, and that includes the Deutsche Bank Sports Scholarship.”

Annika Bochmann, sailing

Annika Bochmann, sailing, 22 years old, Kiel

“Sailing is a sport with very complex requirements. Strength and stamina as well as coordination and agility are the basis of all actions. Strength of will, endurance and a sober mind are important to make your way to the top. This is why we have to practice continuously and must not lose sight of our studies. I am very happy that Deutsche Bank is supporting athletes with the scholarship.”

Markus Bauer, mountain bike

Markus Bauer, Mountainbike, 24 Jahre, Kirchzarten

“I think it’s the goal of every ambitious athlete to participate at least once in the Olympic Games. But I’m not putting myself under any pressure to make cycling my sole priority and then see that career track backfire. I definitely want to complete my studies with good grades.”

Katharina Krüger, wheelchair tennis

Katharina Krüger, wheelchair tennis, 23 years old, Berlin

“It’s great to be part of the Sports Aid program and, as an athlete, receive a scholarship while I’m also studying. The scholarship is a huge help financially and I’m very thankful for it.”

David Speiser, snowboard, 33 years old, Oberstdorf

David Speiser, snowboard, 33 years old, Oberstdorf

“As a winter athlete, you travel a lot, always chasing the snow. You often don’t know where you’re going to be. That makes it very difficult to manage a dual career.”

Leena Günther, track and field

Leena Günther, track and field, 22 years old, Köln

“If you have to go to university all day, the only possibility to start training is relatively late at night. This is very exhausting. But it is working well, you just have to compromise – eventually I want to become an anesthetist.”

Kim Bui, gymnastics

Kim Bui, gymnastics, 24 years old, Ehningen

“The Deutsche Bank Sports Scholarship makes my balancing act between sports and studies possible.”


Verena Sailer, track and field

Verena Sailer, track and field, 27 years old, Mannheim

“If you can free up your head and don’t have to be constantly thinking about sports, it’s easier to look forward to training.”


Jan Felix Knobel, track and field

Jan Felix Knobel, track and field, 24 years old, Frankfurt

“I don’t see my livelihood in sports but in architecture someday.”


Christopher Wesley, hockey

Christopher Wesley, hockey, 26 years old, Nürnberg

“Every professional hockey player has to study in order to find a job after his career in sports, Olympic champions included. Therefore you have to accommodate sports and studies in your day-to-day life.”

Peter Joppich, fencing

Peter Joppich, fencing, 30 years old, Koblenz

“Even if fencing is my top priority at the moment, I aim to continue studying business parallel to sports to open other doors. The support from the Deutsche Bank Sports Scholarship helps me put the finishing touch on my career.”


Max Müller, field hockey

Max Müller, field hockey, 26 years old, Nürnberg

“As a professional athlete without a professional income but with a professional training and competition schedule, I find it challenging at times to find a balance between studies and sports. The support from the Deutsche Bank Sports Scholarship gives me more flexibility in my day-to-day tasks.”


Alexander Mann, Bobsledding

Alexander Mann, Bobsledding, 33 years old, Grünwald

“Professionally, I want to become an orthopedist after I complete my medical studies. Athletically, I’m targeting Sotschi in 2014, whereby the next couple of years will determine to what extent I can combine sports with my profession. The Deutsche Bank Sports Scholarship is definitely helping me master this double burden.”

Franz Löschke, triathlon

Franz Löschke, triathlon, 24 years old, Potsdam

“With up to 39 hours of training per week, I struggle to stay on track at the university. But it’s important for me to be prepared for the period after my athletic career.”


Marc Schuh, wheelchair racing

Marc Schuh, wheelchair racing, 24 years old, Bergisch Gladbach

“Studying towards a degree is also some kind of high-performance sport where I want to perform well. In university it’s the same as in sports: Without support you don’t get very far. The Deutsche Bank sports scholarship is helping me a lot with that.”

Jürgen Fitschen, Kim Bui, Verena Sailer, Dr. Michael Ilgner
Jürgen Fitschen, Co-Chairman of the Management Board of Deutsche Bank, Kim Bui, gymnast, Verena Sailer, athlete, Dr. Michael Ilgner, Chairman of Deutsche Sporthilfe (from left to right)

“Deutsche Bank and competitive sports are an excellent match. Talented athletes embody what we mean with passion to perform. You need to funnel all your energy into achieving your goals. With the German Bank Sports Scholarship, we support athletes who combine competitive sports and academic studies. The scholarship gives them the flexibility they need to pursue a career in the future.”

Jürgen Fitschen Co-Chairman of the Management Board of Deutsche Bank

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