The Deutsche Bank Sports Scholarship creates room for development

Deutsche Bank is committed to Germany’s top athletes. With the Deutsche Bank Sports Scholarship, the bank exclusively supports up to 400 collegiate athletes with 400 euros a month in financial aid, which serves as an important basis for their academic studies and career opportunities.

German athletes inspire the world with their athletic achievements – at the Olympic Games, the Paralympics and world and European championship events. Athletic success is a question not only of talent but also of hard work: Training sessions and competitions need to be balanced with vocational or academic studies.

Through the Deutsche Bank Sports Scholarship in cooperation with Stiftung Deutsche Sporthilfe, athletes receive essential financial aid for their academic studies. In this way, Deutsche supports aspiring and top collegiate athletes, including numerous Olympic medal holders and world and European champions.

Learn more about our talented athletes and 30 of our Deutsche Bank Sports Scholarship holders.

Record of success

400 for 400

From January 2015, the Deutsche Bank Sports Scholarship will be increased by a further 100 euros − to 400 euros per month − and will be awarded to 400 instead of 300 athletes.

Deutsche Bank Sports Scholarship recipients

Nathalie Weinzierl

Nathalie Weinzierl, Figure skating, Corporate Law, Frankenthal (Palatinate)

“I train very hard so that I can get ahead both in my sport and in my studies. I can do this thanks to the support that I get from the Deutsche Bank Sports Scholarship.”

Anna Schaffelhuber, Disabled sport (alpine skiing)

Anna Schaffelhuber, Disabled Sports (Alpine Skiing), Law, Munich

“After winning five gold medals at the 2014 Paralympics, my next sporting goals are the World Championships in 2015 and the Winter Olympics in 2018. I'm going to keep working intensively on my law degree and hope to make an impact in both sport and the law!"

Laura Grasemann, Freestyle skiing (moguls)

Laura Grasemann, Freestyle Skiing (Moguls), Molecular Biotechnology, Garching

“At times it’s really difficult to fit study and training time, as well as important appointments with doctors and physiotherapists, into 24 hours. I'm under an awful lot of pressure during exam periods and compulsory internships. Without the Deutsche Bank Sports Scholarship, it would be completely unfeasible.”

Josche Zurwonne, Badminton

Josche Zurwonne, Badminton, Teacher Training: Geography/Sport, Lüdinghausen

“University can have a motivational effect by balancing out periods of poor performance in sport. The opportunity to get to know new fellow students and to break away from fixed training schedules is an important component of my training plan. The Deutsche Bank Sports Scholarship allows me to focus completely on my sport and my studies."

Sarah Noll, Bobsleigh

Sarah Noll, Bobsleigh, Economics, Paderborn

“Thanks to the Deutsche Bank Sports Scholarship, I don't have the added worry of a part-time job. This is a huge help in coping with the double pressure of competitive sport and studying."

Sarah Noll on the left
Jan-Philip Glania, swimming

Jan-Philip Glania, Swimming, Dentistry, Petersberg

“After London, I continued my dentistry studies in Frankfurt. That’s my other focus alongside swimming. I’m trying to balance both and still be a top performer. My goal is to compete in the next Olympic Games in Rio.”


Martin Häner, field hockey

Martin Häner, Field Hockey, Medicine, Berlin

“My successful achievements – the Olympic victory in 2012 and the preliminary medical examination in 2013 – show me that despite extreme pressure, nothing is impossible and even the most difficult tasks can be mastered. But for me, all of this is only possible because of the people always there to provide advice and assistance.”

Julian von Schleinitz, sledding

Julian von Schleinitz, Sledding, Engineering, Bischofswiesen

“I’m very thankful for the Deutsche Bank Sports Scholarship as it allows me to combine sports with my engineering studies. Without the support of Deutsche Bank and Stiftung Deutsche Sporthilfe, I would never be able to compete at this level.”


Lars Flüggen, beach volleyball

Lars Flüggen, Beach Volleyball, Chemistry/Foundations of Science, 24 years old, Berlin

“You always miss some exams at the university because of the international championship competitions. There’s a lot of pressure and you’re thankful for any support.”

Thomas Schmidberger

Thomas Schmidberger, Wheelchair table tennis, Sport Economics, Viechtach

“For me, being selected for the Deutsche Bank Sports Scholarship was almost like winning a tournament – a confirmation of my achievements in the sporting and academic fields.”

“The five finalists represent the 400 Sporthilfe athletes who receive the Deutsche Bank Sports Scholarship. With the award "Sport Scholar of the Year", we want to draw attention to the outstanding achieve­ments of these young athletes. They all juggle studying and top-class sport on a daily basis and achieve brilliant things.”

Christian Sewing Member of the Management Board of Deutsche Bank

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