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Carbon neutrality: minimizing our impact on the planet

Our global business operations affect our carbon footprint on many levels – through energy and water consumption in our offices, business trips by our staff and use of paper. We want to minimize the negative impact of our business operations on the planet as much as possible. Therefore, we have been operating on a climate-neutral basis since 2013.


What do we want to achieve?

Our contribution to a low-emission economy starts with us – that is why it is important to make all of our operational processes as environmentally friendly as possible. We also want to raise our employees’ awareness of how to use resources responsibly.

How are we achieving our goals?

We are improving our energy efficiency by reducing energy consumption and switching to renewable energy. In addition, we are reducing our consumption of water and paper, using environmentally friendly information technology, and aiming for a sustainable supply chain as well as improved waste management. In spite of an increase in global business activities, we have succeeded in stabilizing the number of business trips and the resulting emissions by making greater use of video conferencing.

The management board has confirmed the goal of maintaining carbon neutrality through 2020. This will be achieved through our continuing eco-efficiency efforts, the use of renewable energy, and supporting specific emission reduction projects in the developing world.

What challenges are we facing?

The numerous eco-efficiency measures that we have implemented throughout the group are not enough to completely avoid emissions of greenhouse gases. For that reason we compensate any residual emissions by purchasing and retiring certified emission reductions (CERs).

What have we achieved?

We set a target to make our operations carbon neutral by the end of 2012. The goal was achieved over a five-year period by reducing the Bank’s global carbon footprint by 20 percent a year since 2008. Today our operations are carbon neutral.

Our broad basket of climate change related activities earned Deutsche Bank a place in the Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index for the first time in 2012, as one of 33 companies worldwide.

In 2012, we also won Gold in the Best Green Intelligent Buildings Awards. In the GreenIT Best Practice Awards 2012, we took first place in the Visionary Overall Concept category.

Our specific measures

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