Employee engagement: pass on your passion

A company’s social commitment is particularly credible when it is actively supported by its employees. For many years, Deutsche Bank has systematically supported employee engagement activities – since 2010 under the motto "pass on your passion". In 2013 alone, 19,562 Deutschbankers volunteered worldwide.


Hands-on support – planting trees for better drinking water

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Projects and initiatives

More than 25,000 days of volunteer work: In 2013, every fourth Deutschbanker was active for society. Employees use their knowledge to advise social enterprises or microfinance organizations. And they offer practical hands-on support.

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Deutsche Bank employees are involved - regionally and globally.

What do we aim to achieve?

Deutsche Bank encourages employees to use their knowledge and management skills to advise educational institutions and support social enterprises or microfinance organizations – in long-term commitments in Germany as well as in international projects.

The bank also aims to give them opportunities to further develop beyond their area of responsibility.

What is our approach?

Our employees offer practical hands-on support in the bank’s team challenges. Increasingly, the focus of our corporate volunteering activities is to teach skills by having employees share their knowledge through coaching or mentoring. Deutsche Bank supports employee volunteering through donations or paid leave.

What have we accomplished?

The programs offered by the bank in 2013 generated huge employee feedback worldwide:

  • Number of volunteers: 19,562
  • Participation rate*: 25 %
  • Volunteer days rendered: 25,030
  • Volunteer projects implemented: 2,948
  • Supported partner organizations: 2,479

The majority of employees believes that volunteering fosters their personal and professional development.

* without Postbank (Source: Deutsche Bank, global survey on employee engagement 2014)

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