Employee engagement

Employee engagement: Plus you

For more than 20 years, Deutsche Bank has supported employee engagement. This is how the bank connects the commitment of individual employees with its responsibility agenda.


Deutschbanker volunteered worldwide in 2015.

What do we want to achieve?

The commitment of our people to help others demonstrates the culture of performance and responsibility that we live by at Deutsche Bank. With our employee engagement programs, we encourage our people to support local community projects through fundraising and civic engagement.

How are we implementing that?

A wide range of volunteering opportunities gives employees the chance to apply their skills to make a difference in their community. Furthermore, our matched giving and payroll giving programs extend the reach and impact of the charities that equally matter to our people and Deutsche Bank.

What have we achieved?

Key performance figures 2015 (worldwide):

  • Number of volunteers: 17,382
  • Participation rate*: 22 %
  • Volunteer hours rendered: 185,912
  • Volunteer projects implemented: 3,145
  • Supported partner organizations: 2,385

Over € 13 million generated through Matched Giving programmes and fundraising initiatives.

* without Postbank (Source: Deutsche Bank, global survey on employee engagement 2015)

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