Climate change, energy efficiency and the challenges of the energy transition in Germany

There is no better area than energy efficiency to demonstrate how banks serve the real economy and contribute to the social and environmental aspects of sustainability while creating returns.

SME sector companies

How SME sector companies benefit from investments in energy efficiency

More and more companies in the SME sector are investing in energy efficiency. On the one hand, companies are protecting themselves from increasing energy prices by doing so. And on the other they are preparing themselves for the energy transition. Furthermore, it is also possible to attain competitive advantages through more efficient energy consumption. What kind of competitive advantages can be achieved, what investments are the main focus and how can they be financed – a new animation video from Deutsche Bank provides answers to these questions.

Video: Robert Socolow on the challenges of Germany’s energy transition

An ambitious shift in energy policy, such as the “Energiewende” in Germany, poses great challenges. Professor Robert Socolow, Co-Director of The Carbon Mitigation Initiative at Princeton University and Member of the Deutsche Bank Climate Change Advisory Board, on Deutsche Bank’s way to sustainability, energy efficiency and necessary investments in renewables and infrastructure.

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