Corporate Responsibility

Corporate citizenship units and foundations

Deutsche Bank’s corporate citizenship activities are brought to life by its regional units and endowed foundations.


Deutsche Bank Donation Fund

The Deutsche Bank Donation Fund in Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft e. V. (Donors’ Association for German Science) promotes scientific research and teaching at both the national and international level and encourages dialogue between research and practice.

Founded: 1970
Endowment funds: € 10.1 m.
Commitments 2014: € 1.9 m.

€1 million for the Center for European Studies at Herzliya University, Israel

Deutsche Bank Foundation

Deutsche Bank Foundation focuses its support on cultural, educational, and social projects. Within the global Born to Be program, the foundation enables young people to realize their full potential, and fosters equality of opportunity. The foundation’s Alfred Herrhausen Fund supports initiatives aimed at improving the career prospects of disadvantaged youths. In the event of natural disasters, funds are provided to support national and international relief initiatives.

Founded: 1986
Endowment funds: 2014: € 140.4 m.
Commitments 2014: € 4.1 m.

Over €1 million were provided to relief projects for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, supported by Deutsche Bank, its clients, and employees


Deutsche Bank Foundation Report
PDF, 1.5 MB (in German)

Corporate Citizenship UK

Corporate Citizenship UK primarily focuses its support to Deutsche Bank’s Born to Be youth engagement program. First launched in the UK in 2013, its main goal is to break the cycle of youth unemployment through early intervention. Born to Be targets 11 to 18 year-olds at risk of exclusion with education-led projects that aim to increase achievement, develop employability skills and raise aspirations. Corporate Citizenship UK expects to reach 160,000 young people through Born to Be by 2016. Volunteering and fundraising activities for charities are another focus of the commitment.

Founded: 1989
Successor to the charity program of Morgan Grenfell, Ltd.
Commitments 2014: € 2.9 mn.

£1.7 million were raised by employees and Deutsche Bank for the Born to Be Charities of the Year 2014



Deutsche Bank Corporate Citizenship update UK
PDF, 1.15 MB

Historical Association of Deutsche Bank

The Historical Association of Deutsche Bank was founded as a non-profit organization dedicated to researching the history of Deutsche Bank and the political, economic, and cultural environment in which banks operate. Via publications, lecture series, and excursions, it studies the interrelation between banking and pioneering innovations that have influenced economic and social changes in a sustainable manner.

Founded: 1991
Number of members 2014: 2,043

100 years of Deutsche Bank in the Rhine-Ruhr region

Historical association_Publication_100 years of Rhine-Ruhr area

Special anniversary edition,
192 pages, more than 100 illustrations, German, € 10,
ordering per e-Mail

Alfred Herrhausen Society

The non-profit Alfred Herrhausen Society is the international forum of Deutsche Bank. It focuses on new forms of governance as a response to the challenges of the 21st century. It works with international partners, including policy-makers, academics, and business to organize conferences that are accessible to a broad audience. The society is dedicated to the work of Alfred Herrhausen, former spokesman of the Deutsche Bank Management Board, who advocated the idea of corporate responsibility in an exemplary manner until his assassination by terrorists in 1989.

Founded: 1992
Budget 2014: € 3,1 m.

5,000 attendees have taken part in 13 Urban Age conferences since 2005

Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation

The Americas Foundation program of loans, investments, and philanthropic grants is designed to encourage sustainable community development and to provide steadfast support for the arts. Since 2014, the educational projects of the foundation underpin Deutsche Bank’s global Born to Be agenda and promote wider access to high-quality education. The foundation works in partnership with the Global Social Finance Group, which makes loans and investments in low- and moderate-income communities. 

Founded: 1999
Commitments 2014: € 8.6 m.

More than 6,000 employees in the US made a Kiva loan to microentrepreneurs in over 67 countries


Deutsche Bank Corporate Citizenship update Americas
PDF, 2.6 MB

Transatlantic Outreach Program (TOP)

With this foundation, Deutsche Bank supports TOP – a non-profit, public/private partnership – that seeks to promote a contemporary and comprehensive image of present-day Germany to North American educators, including key decision-makers, professors, authors, teachers and students.

Founded: 2001
Endowment funds: € 2,4 m.
Förderungen 2014: € 0,15 m.

More than 100,000 students were reached in 2014

Deutsche Bank South Africa Foundation

Deutsche Bank South Africa Foundation’s Born to Be initiatives focus on two specific areas: Early Childhood Development (ECD) and High School Learner Development (HSD). Thus, they address the key challenges inhibiting young people from realizing their full potential.  

Founded: 2001
Endowment funds: € 16.9 m.
Commitments 2014: € 0.7 m.

More than 6,000 people benefit through the Bulungula Incubator

Deutsche Bank Asia Foundation

Deutsche Bank Asia Foundation is committed to improving and sustaining the livelihoods of vulnerable communities in Asia. Born to Be initiatives in the region combine education with the personal wellbeing of young people and their families. Furthermore, a variety of innovative outreach programs have been successfully implemented. 

Founded: 2003
Commitments 2014: € 2.2 m.

More than 70,350 youths were reached with the launch of Born to Be in Asia

Deutsche Bank Middle East Foundation

Deutsche Bank Middle East Foundation focuses on investments in education, community development, sustainability, and volunteering in Middle Eastern and North African countries. The foundation also organizes cultural events and is a great supporter of the regional art scene.

Founded: 2008
Commitments 2014: € 0.3 m.

More than 5,000 families benefit from the clean water project in the underprivileged districts of Lahore, Pakistan

Fondazione Deutsche Bank Italia

Fondazione Deutsche Bank mainly focuses on social and educational projects in Italy. Its main objective is to encourage young people to realize and develop their full potential and to promote equality of education for the disadvantaged. Furthermore, the foundation is committed to promoting Italy’s traditions in the arts and crafts.

Founded: 2013
Commitments 2014: 0,55 m.

€100,000 donated to the food bank Banco Alimentare via a social bond

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