Our energy and climate strategy

As a company with global activities, we take climate change very seriously. We adopted a comprehensive energy and climate strategy in 2007 with a commitment to effective environment action in all our activities.

The three pillars of our energy and climate strategy

Our energy and climate strategy defines three essential roles in which Deutsche Bank has actively committed itself to the environment: as a financial intermediary, as an eco-efficiency manager and as a climate ambassador.

Financial intermediary

Deutsche Bank uses its market expertise to support the transition to a clean and energy-efficient global economy. One important element of our activities is financing for infrastructure solutions that promote renewable energy – a segment in which Deutsche Bank has already taken a leading role.

Eco-efficiency manager

With a view to our own eco-efficiency, Deutsche Bank has set the goal of reducing its carbon footprint and making the business operations climate-neutral by 2013. Among other things, we are steadily improving our energy efficiency and are switching to renewable energy.

Climate ambassador

Deutsche Bank provides strategic consulting on various projects to promote private investment in clean energy and technologies, through specialist research teams and cooperation with political decision-makers. Initiatives such as the GET FiT program and Desertec are examples.

Carbon pricing

We joined more than 1,000 businesses in support of the World Bank‘s „Putting a Price on Carbon“ campaign. Companies pledge to work with governments towards the objective of a carbon price applied throughout the global economy.

Sustainable operations

We achieved climate neutrality in 2013


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